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  • asombra: One of pre-Castro Cuba’s big problems is that it didn’t appreciate how good it had it, or how much progress it had...

  • asombra: If you want to know what a camaján looks like, look at Lula.

  • asombra: Ah, the Latrine Castro lovers, each more contemptible than the next. It’d be justice indeed if Castro, Inc. fell and...

  • asombra: Sometimes the faux general looks almost convincing. Still, I prefer his Marjorie Stoneman Douglas mode, which is more honest.

  • asombra: Just another bad Negro unworthy of Massah Castro. Move along.

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Tweet of the Day – Cuba a ’1984′ theme park

Dissident Cuban blogger Rebeca Monzo has a marketing suggestion for the Castro dictatorship's ministry of tourism (translation by Translating Cuba):

I suggest that the new Cuba Tourist Guide be a reprint of Orwell’s 1984. At least that’s the closest thing.


1 comment to Tweet of the Day – Cuba a ’1984′ theme park