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Cuba’s dictator Raul Castro to the U.S.: ‘Respect my authority!’

Cuban dictator Raul Castro channels South Park's Cartman...

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Castro Wants U.S. to "Respect" His Totalitarian Dictatorship

Emboldened by an unmerited handshake with President Obama, Cuban dictator Raul Castro has called for the U.S. to unconditionally recognize and "respect" his totalitarian regime.

In remarks today to his puppet "National Assembly," Castro said:

If we really want to move forward in our bilateral relations, we have to learn to mutually respect our differences and become accustomed to peacefully living with them.

In other words, Castro wants the U.S. to recognize and "respect" his totalitarian dictatorship; his violation of the Cuban people's fundamental human, civil, political and economic rights; his beating, torture and harassment of peaceful opponents; his political prisoners; his regime's extrajudicial killings and disappearances; his violence against female democracy activists; his subversion of democracy in the Western Hemisphere; his taking of American hostages; his weapons smuggling; his violation of international sanctions; his larceny of the Cuban people's assets; his military's business monopolies; his intelligence sharing with fellow terrorist regimes; his use of children in acts of repression; his suppression of independent labor unions; his persecution of independent media; his censorship of information; his blockade of the Internet.

And while we're at it, the U.S. should throw away the Inter-American Democratic Charter, with its silly embrace of "representative democracy" in the Americas.

Just 'cos Raul says so.

1 comment to Cuba’s dictator Raul Castro to the U.S.: ‘Respect my authority!’