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Reforms in Cuba: A Tsunami of Splendid, Magnificent News


A dispatch from our correspondent in Iowa, Rudy Schmeckenberger, who follows news reports on Cuba and loves to share the information he obtains with Mildred,  his wife of 43 years, who happens to be a resolute skeptic.  

Hey, Mildred, I did a Google search this morning-- "Cuba News"-- and guess what?  That wonderful little third-world country is well on its way to democracy and free markets.  Raul's reforms are colossal, tremendous, spectacular.... And he is extending an olive branch to those damn bullies up north in Washington D.C.

Oh, what, you don't believe me, Mildred?  You say it's all a clever propaganda trick?  You say that these reforms are superficial?  That they change nothing?  That they are cleverly designed changes that actually help the Castro dynasty to remain in full control?  Then, tell me Mildred, how can so many news organizations all be wrong at the same time?

It's a tsunami of change, Mildred... I tell you, it's a tsunami ... And, let me add, dear Mildred, that in these seven pages I found NOTHING at all about limits on these reforms or about repression on the island.  Not one word about the Ladies in White, or dissidents, or prisons, or anything negative at all.

As I've been telling you for years, Mildred, those Cubans are such noble savages, nobler than Rousseau could ever imagine.

Take a look at these examples, gleaned from the first seven pages of a Google search:

"Cuba's Castro calls for 'civilised' relations with US" --BBC -- and I counted at least twenty other versions of this world-shaking story.

"Cuba Loosens Restrictions on Buying New Cars" --- NPR --  over twenty-five versions, just in the first few pages.

"Cuba to unveil new foreign investment law" -- Xinhua -- multiple versions.

"Cuba's Baseball Revolution: Why Players are Turning Pro" -- BBC

"Cuba to open first stage of Mariel special development zone" -- Xinhua

"Cuba to eliminate special currency for foreigners; gov’t pledges deposits to retain value" -- Global News /AP

"In Cuba, Raul Castro has the clock ticking just a bit faster" -- Tampa Bay Times

"Cuban lawmakers ban anti-gay employment discrimination" -- The Washington Blade

"In Cuba’s Press, Streets and Living Rooms, Glimmers of Openness to Criticism" -- New York Times

Then there are these wonderful, consciousness-raising pieces, and none whatsoever from those troglodytes and terrorists in Miami who want to reclaim all the stuff that was justly taken from them and redistributed to the poor:

"An olive branch to Cuba is overdue "--Washington Post

"Cuba embargo is useless and should end" -- Salt Lake Tribune

"The perversity of the Cuban embargo" -- Cyprus Mail

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