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3,000 enslaved Cubans sold to Venezuela, mostly doctors, escaped in 2013

One of Cuba's apartheid dictatorship's most profitable criminal enterprises is the selling of slave labor to foreign businesses and governments. With a pool of more than 11-million slaves, the Castro slave masters sell both laborers and professionals on the open market to the highest bidder in order to obtain hard currency and finance their machine of repression.

However, we are happy to learn that a large number of enslaved doctors sold to Venezuela's puppet dictatorship have managed escape.

Via Venezuela's El Universal (my translation):

In one year, 3,000 Cubans in Venezuela deserted

In the last 12 months, the majority of Cuban doctors reached the U.S.


In the last year, an average of 3,000 Cubans, the majority of them doctors, deserted to the United States from various social programs being carried out in Venezuela. This figure represents a 60% increase over 2012.

Continue reading (in Spanish) HERE.

Capitol Hill Cubans has more HERE.

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