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  • asombra: Dilma can’t help it, you see. It’s just a Latrine thing.

  • asombra: Elemaza, I sympathize and understand completely. Just seeing their faces is viscerally repugnant.

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Bah Humbug!: San Francisco bans wood-burning in fireplaces on Christmas Eve, and possibly also on Christmas


City officials in San Francisco claim that an air pollution alert makes it hazardous for anyone to light a Yule log, indoors or outdoors.

Couldn't they make an exception for these two days? Of course not.  Micromanaging people's lives through inflexible rules is the essence of the liberal/progressive mindset.

Is the situation really that grave?  Of course not. Why waste a perfectly good "crisis" -- no matter how minor?  Every "crisis" is a golden opportunity for  micromanaging.

Soon enough, after a sufficient number of crises, the populace will accept the fact that life itself is an unending crisis, and everyone needs to be controlled by Big Brother, who, of course, is also the Grinch.

This is why Castrogonia has been in a severe crisis since the Castro brothers took the throne.



Put away the chestnuts; the Bay Area Air Quality Management District has announced that wood burning will be banned in the region on Christmas Eve—and possibly on Christmas Day, too.

Tuesday will be the 17th “Winter Spare the Air” day of the season, and the air district will decide that day whether wood burning will also be banned on Christmas.

“The weather forecast looks like we might see another Spare the Air day for Christmas Day,” air district spokesman Tom Flannigan said...

... He also said a fire in the fireplace “looks nice inside your house, and you can’t see the effects it has on other people.”

On Winter Spare the Air days, the burning of wood, manufactured fire logs or any other solid fuel is illegal both indoors and outdoors. Homes that depend on woodstoves or fireplaces as their only source of heat are exempt from the ban.

Those who get in trouble for violating the ban for the first time are given the choice of paying $100 or taking a wood smoke awareness class. Subsequent violations are met with fines of $500 or more.

Read the entire report HERE.

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