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Gambling returns to Cuba, thanks to Canadians

Cristal Cruises

Cristal Cruises

Here we go.  It was the last barrier between the Castro myth and absolute hypocrisy.

A gambling casino will swing into operation in Castrogonia very soon.

It matters little that the casino will be on a cruise ship.  That ship, a Canadian vessel, will be providing the thrill of gambling to well-heeled foreigners in Cuban waters.

Fidel Castro apparently approved of this casino, but employed some of the Jesuit casuistry he picked up at Belen years ago. (Casuistry is the art of committing a sin and not having it count as a sin).  You ask: how can gambling in Castrogonia not count as gambling?  Here is the answer: No gambling can take place while the ship is docked, but the very instant it is no longer tied to the dock, the roulette wheels can begin to spin, the cards can be dealt, and the bets placed on the green felt.

This luxury cruise will have all of the food, drink, services, and amenities denied to Cubans.

The so-called Revolution banned tourism, prostitution, and gambling, ostensibly because such exploitative enterprises demeaned the Cuban people and turned them into second- or third-class human beings.

Well, the tourism and prostitution returned with a vengeance, once the Castro dynasty realized that its survival depended on them.  But the gambling did not.  (Probably because they couldn't find a way to control it or skim sufficient profits). The absence of gambling was the last remaining disguise, the last shred of the mask Fidel slapped over the  hideous face of his so-called Revolution.

Well, the mask is off now, completely.  Gambling is back.   It's Mafia-tourist-prostitute time again.   Welcome back, trifecta of exploitation and capitalist corruption. Godfather II all over again.  Francis Ford Coppola, eat your heart out.

Cut the cake!

cakeCruise ship will circumnavigate Cuba

Cuba is getting a fancy new resort this winter where you can eat Alberta prime steaks, drink Canadian beer and watch the Toronto Maple Leafs defeat the Ottawa Senators, but the resort doesn't guarantee that outcome.

There'll even be a casino, although Fidel Castro banned gambling on his island after the 1959 revolution. This casino, however, can't open until the Louis Cristal has slipped her lines and moved away from the dock.

Toronto entrepreneur Dugald Wells will introduce a revolutionary new way to learn all about Cuba this year. He has hired the 1,200-passenger cruise ship Louis Cristal to circumnavigate the island each week pulling into some of its most exotic ports – including Havana – so tourists can head out on shore excursions.

The famous Bay of Pigs - scene of a botched CIA-led invasion in 1961– is not on the itinerary. “We asked to go to the Bay of Pigs and also Guantanamo Bay, but, so far, they're off limits,” said Wells. 'But we have a variety of other ports and areas of Cuba that are quite diverse in geography, history and culture.”

It's the first ship tours of Cuba since Castro's 1959 revolution.

Much more HERE


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