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Global warming hysteria comes to Castrogonia

Varadero beach

Varadero beach

Never mind the fact that sea levels have not been rising that much in the past decade (current rate estimated at 1.7 millimeters per year).  Never mind the fact that sea levels rise and fall naturally, and that the current rate of 1.7 mm per year is only slightly higher than that for the previous 13 decades (1.5 mm per year).  Never mind the fact that beach erosion is a natural process caused by currents, storm surges, waves,  shifting sands, and uncontrolled building construction.

Global warming alarmists want you to think that there is some great crisis looming and that all coastlines are going to be 80 meters under water ten years from now.

This week, the alarm was rung in an unlikely place, the tourist paradise of Castrogonia.  Apparently, the beaches are eroding away.   (Especially Varadero, the crown jewel).

Wait a couple of days.  We'll soon be hearing a new line from the tourist industry:  Visit Cuba before the beaches disappear!

And expect a new complaint from Havana too:  the erosion is due to the embargo and the terrorist exile Mafia in Miami.

....but... you ask: where will the sex tourists go if there are no beach resorts?

Ay, viejito: No beachy no kissy

Aaaay, viejito: No beachy no kissy

From Global Times


Erosion threatens Castrogonia's top beach resorts

Cuba's famed beach resort of Varadero is facing severe coastline erosion due to rising sea level caused by global warming, the Cuban News Agency (ACN) reported Monday.

The main Cuban vacation destination, which hosts a million tourists annually, is losing from 40,000 to 50,000 cubic meters of sand a year due to erosion, the ACN quoted the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment as saying.

Official figures in 2012 indicated that erosion had affected almost 84 percent of the beaches in Cuba. Several Cuban beaches have already been washed away.

Cuba is adopting concrete measures to stem erosion in Varadero beaches, such as banning construction on sand dunes, said the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, which is working with the Tourism Ministry to promote the sustainable management of the resort.

One remedy being implemented in Cuba, as in many other parts of the world, is building up artificial beaches by importing sand from other areas. Since 1987, Varadero's 20-km-long coastline has been constructed with 2.9 million cubic meters of sand.

Related news story from six months ago HERE.

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