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Schoolbooks from Havana being forced on Venezuelan children


The latest report from Venenozuela, via ABC Spain 

If you still had any lingering doubts about the existence of an entity known as Cubazuela, read this below, and closely study the photo above:

So far, during this school year, the Venenozuelan government has flooded the schools with 35 million textbooks edited in Cuba.

The Minister of Education of Caracastan, Maryann Hanson, claims that all of these books were written by Hugo Chavez himself, or at least carefully edited by him.    She also defended the policy of idolizing "el comandante supremo" Chavez on the grounds that all 8 million Venezuelan schoolchildren are his "sons and daughters."

"I am faithful to Chavez and I venerate him," added the Minister of Education.

Much more on the heavy-handed Castro-style propaganda dished out by the Maduro regime...(in Spanish)... Go HERE, but first grab some scotch or some "te de manzanilla".


1 comment to Schoolbooks from Havana being forced on Venezuelan children

  • asombra

    Looks like Maduro holding up the Chavez pic and apparently having an orgasm. Truly grotesque, and nauseatingly Latrine. Get these people the hell away from me.