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Headline of the Day – ‘The most absurdly oblivious headline you’ll read all year’

Via Rare:

The most absurdly oblivious headline you’ll read all year

Cuba Struggling Entrepreneurs

If there was an award for the most oblivious headline written all year, this Associated Press story would most likely win.

In a piece on Cuba’s failed experiment with “limited” free-market capitalism — whatever that is – AP published a story with the following headline: “Lack of customers dooms many Cuban businesses.”


No kidding. The “macroeconomic environment” that strangles Cuba’s attempt at a private sector is call Communism and it’s been Cuba’s system-of-choice since the Castros took power in 1959.

What on Earth motivated the AP to write such a ridiculous headline blaming a “lack of customers” instead of Cuba’s repressive communist dictatorship is anyone’s guess, but it’s got to be the most oblivious headline written this year.

Read it all HERE.

2 comments to Headline of the Day – ‘The most absurdly oblivious headline you’ll read all year’

  • asombra

    I think it's called putting makeup on a corpse. It changes nothing, but that won't stop them from doing it.

  • asombra

    Cuba has ceased being a real country and is now a backdrop for Pedro Almodovar movies. You know, like "Jineteras on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" or "Pingueros on Parade." The script consultant, naturally, is Mariela Castro.