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Castro-puppet dictator in Ecuador has police raid home of journalist who criticized his regime

Ecuador's dictator Rafael Correa is apparently following Cuba's Castro dictatorship playbook to the letter. The Castro regime should be proud of their puppet in Quito.

Via BuzzFeed:

Ecuador Authorities Raid Journalist’s Home

The raid is the latest crackdown on the press following a recent law restricting negative reporting.

WASHINGTON — Ecuadorian police raided the home of journalist and opposition activist Fernando Villavicencio on Friday and confiscated his computers, Ecuadorian activists and news reports say.

Villavicencio, a reporter for independent Ecuadorian news site Plan V, said at a press conference that a group of police with machine guns broke into his house in front of his children and took his computers, cell phone, and documents, according to a press release sent out by the Ecuadorian free-press group Fundamedios.

Villavicencio, along with Clever Jimenez, a member of Ecuador’s legislature and critic of President Rafael Correa, was sued by Correa in 2011 for libel after the pair accused the president of misrepresenting a police officers’ strike as a coup attempt against him. Police also raided Jimenez’s office on Friday, according to Fundamedios.

Correa addressed the raid on Twitter last night, saying that the police had found “serious things” in Villavicencio’s home and accused Villavicencio and Jimenez into hacking into his email and that of other government officials.

“It’s terrible what these people have been doing!” Correa tweeted.

“Why did the president know within hours of the raid the result of it?” said an Ecuadorian activist familiar with the raid who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “If the raid was ordered by the public prosecutor, i.e., justice, how did the president know so fast what happened? The answer is that in Ecuador there is no independent judiciary. The president controls judges and nobody does anything without his permission.”

The activist said Villavicencio and Jimenez had information proving corruption on the part of the country’s vice president in oil deals with Chinese companies, and evidence of bribes received by the secretary of intelligence. 

Continue reading HERE.

1 comment to Castro-puppet dictator in Ecuador has police raid home of journalist who criticized his regime

  • Lynx

    I guess we can call berrakko a castro puppet too as he orders the irs to audit conservatives and others that don't follow in goosestep with the regime