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Fidel Castro: Dean of Dictators

Pedro Corzo in Martí News:

Fidel Castro: Dean of Dictators

In modern times, there has not been a leader who has held power for more years than Fidel Castro. Forty-nine to be exact.

Fidel Castro

It’s nothing to be proud of. On the contrary, it’s sad to say, but perhaps the best way to overcome a traumatic reality is to recognize the individual and collective responsibility, and start leading a crusade toward redemption.

In modern times, there has not been a leader who has held power for more years than Fidel Castro. Forty-nine to be exact.

The closest tyrant to the Caribbean autocratic autocrat has been North Korea’s Kim II Sung, who controlled his country for forty- six years. Kim was the one who established dynasties in the Communist world. The Castro’s will soon follow suit, no doubt.

The other communist dictators who came close were Mao Zedong of the People's Republic of China, 27 years in power, and Joseph Stalin, who was in power for 31 years.  It should be noted however, that Josip Broz (Tito) had command of Yugoslavia for a whopping 35 years and even declared himself president for life.

Undoubtedly, a list of autocrats with longevity in power would be too long, but three dictators who were allies of the Cuban tyrant cannot be overlooked:  Libyan Muanmar Gadhafi, 41 years in power, in Saddam Hussein, in power 24 years and Hafez al- Assad from Syria, with 29 years to his credit.

Another ally of the Cuban dictator was Sukarno who imposed his will in Indonesia for 22 years.

In Africa, Fidel Castro has autocrats who hope to break his record. 

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