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Jesse Jackson Confirms His Perfidy and Idiocy, Big-Time


From Mediaite:

Jesse Jackson Defends Rodman on CNN

Dennis Rodman has not found many defenders this week since he traveled to North Korea to visit his “friend” Kim Jong-un on the occasion of his birthday. So it was surprising when Jesse Jackson shared a now-deleted congratulatory message for Rodman on Twitter, commending him on his “diplomacy efforts.”

Now, even after Rodman exploded in anger during a bizarre interview from Pyongyang earlier in the week, Jackson is still defending the former NBA player. In an interview with Don Lemon on CNN Wednesday evening, Jackson compared Rodman’s trips to previous instances of sports diplomacy, such as the U.S. ping pong team visiting China and the Harlem Globetrotters visiting Russia. He also said that he sent a letter to Kim Jong-un urging the release of imprisoned American Kenneth Bae, a subject that was a clear point of contention in Rodman’s CNN interview.

When Lemon pressed Jackson to admit that Rodman’s “craziness” could actually hurt U.S. diplomatic efforts with North Korea, Jackson warned against “confusing” the basketball player’s role with that of actual diplomats. What he can do is “illuminate” the issue.

“Why are we discussing North Korea today?” Jackson asked. “Because of Dennis Rodman.”


1 comment to Jesse Jackson Confirms His Perfidy and Idiocy, Big-Time

  • asombra

    As bad as Rodman is, Jackson is worse, because he presumes to be far better. Rodman, like Madonna and Lady Gaga, lives off calculated outrageousness, especially now that his basketball days are over, and to him the North Korea thing is no different from any other stunt to get attention. I expect he'll milk it as long as possible if it keeps having the desired effect. He probably sees the North Korean monstrosity as a kind of joke or something out of a movie, like Darth Vader, meaning he doesn't take it seriously or simply doesn't care, and he WANTS to create scandal. Jackson is just being his thoroughly sleazeball and bogus self. as for Kim Jong-un, someone should put him in touch with Mariah Carey and her people.