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Record number of tourists visit Castro slave plantation in 2013


Well, it's official now: the numbers are in -- 2,851,000-- and King Raul is very, very happy. This figure does not include the nearly 100,000 American people-to-people junketeers or the 300,000 or so Cuban "exiles" who came loaded with gifts for their relatives.

If you add these figures to the sum above, it surpasses three million. According to all the Cuba "experts" this should drastically improve conditions for his ruin-dwelling slaves.

From ETN Global Travel Network News, which knows how to use the correct Castrogonian lingo:

Jan 09, 2014 HAVANA, Cuba - Although Cuba's arrival growth wasn’t as expected in 2013, it was a record year. As a result of the actions conducted to increase the quality of the product and marketing, the winter season, which kicked off on November 1st, has grown over 8 percent to date. In spite of the effects of the economic crisis and the blockade, the country reached a figure beyond 2.851 thousand visitors, which represented a 100.05 percent growth. Throughout this period of time, the operations from Canada, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Russia, Venezuela and Haiti have been increased. The same has happened with cruise operation, since new vessels have visited Cuban ports, such as Louis Cristal and Star Clippers. On the other hand, a group of markets like Spain, Portugal and Italy, which had shown negative numbers, have begun to change the situation and such travel destinations as Varadero, Santa Clara, Jardines del Rey and Holguin stood out in December with their best figures in history. New hotel facilities in Havana, Varadero, Cayo Santa Maria, Jardines del Rey and Holguin will be joining several thousands of remodeled rooms with state-of-the-art products, thus contributing to make the stay of guests more pleasant. Cuba’s tourism product in 2013 occupied, among the prices and recognitions awarded by the most influential traveler’s website, Tripadvisor, important positions in several sectors like: All Inclusive hotels, best beaches, most popular destinations in the Caribbean and emerging destinations.

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