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Castro clan to split millions of UN dollars without any oversight

By Joan Antoni Guerrero Vall in Punto Cuba (my translation):

Castro clan to split millions of UN dollars without any oversight
Mariela Castro

Mariela Castro, niece of Fidel Castro

According to Martí News, several Cuban centers and institutions directly controlled or under the influence of family members of Fidel and Raul Castro will split amongst themselves $151.7 million from the UN intended to improve the lives of Cubans.

These institutions are run without any public control or oversight whatsoever. Neither dissident organizations or the press play any part in their operation as they are under the control of the Cuban Communist Party.

Martí Noticias reports that among the chosen organizations you will find, for example, the National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX), which is under the direction of Raul’s daughter, Mariela Castro; the Cuban Federation of Women (FMC), which was previously run by Raul’s late wife and is now under the control of his daughter Debora Castro.

The National Institute of Sports, Physical Education, and Recreation (INDER) where Fidel’s son, Antonio Castro Soto del Vale, vice-president of the Cuban Basbeall Federation, exerts great influence; and BIOCUBAFARMA, who’s president is Jose Antonio Fraga Castro, nephew of the Cuban president.

You will also find the Public Health Ministry, which controls health centers that include Clinic 43 and the Council of State Clinic, both of which are equipped with the latest and most modern equipment and is under the supervision of Fidel Castro’s wife, Dalia Soto.

4 comments to Castro clan to split millions of UN dollars without any oversight

  • asombra

    Foreign entities have been throwing money at Castro, Inc. for ages, which they know is NOT going to help ordinary Cubans. Obviously, that's not an issue, since helping ordinary Cubans is beside the point--the point is helping Castro, Inc.

  • asombra

    My, granny, but what big teeth you have...

  • asombra

    Her face, already leathery and shopworn, screams vulgarity and bitchiness, not to mention shamelessness. It's the face of a puffed-up parvenu, laughing at how much she's gotten away with and how far she's gone without even remotely deserving it. Yes indeed, folks, the world is full of shit.

  • Gallardo

    No one could have said it any better Asombra. Let's also not forget that the very USA provided the vile cunt a visa and tax-payed protection so that she could roam and do her charade through USA with relative ease. Talking of faces, Uncle Sam's face is one in long need of an update.