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Castro dictatorship rounding up dissidents in Cuba before CELAC Summit in Havana

Cuba's violently repressive Castro dictatorship is furiously rounding up dissidents to ensure there are no embarrassing disruptions to the CELAC summit they are hosting this week. The last thing the apartheid Cuban dictatorship wants is human rights and democracy activists meeting with foreign dignitaries or publicly protesting while international press cameras are recording. On Twitter, the opposition movement in Cuba has dubbed this latest wave of repression as "#OperacionLimpieza," Operation Cleanup," as Cuban Political Police agents are threatening some dissidents and arresting others in an effort to silence them during the summit.

Uncommon Sense has more coverage:

Castro regime prepares for CELAC summit by rounding up dissidents

Afraid of what Cuban dissidents might say and do during a summit of Latin American leaders in Havana next week, the Castro regime sent out its goon squads to harass, threaten and/or arrest some of the island's most prominent activists.

Some, like Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, Jose Angel Moya Felix Navarro and Baptist pastor Mario Felix Lleonart, have been arrested. With others, like blogger Yoani Sanchez, they have been warned to be on their best behavior during the gathering of Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, or CELAC.

Reports of the repression have been fast and furious via social media. The following is a sampling of the reports.

Please spread the word, whether by sharing this post via your Twitter or Facebook feeds, or more importantly, by sharing the news from Cuba.

The regime relies on on the indifference and/or ignorance of most of the world to cover up what it does against the Cuban people. A few easy steps, and you can ensure they won't get away without at least some of us noticing.

Continue reading HERE.

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