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Argentine Dominatrix tweets sweetly about Fidel, but shields her breasts from him

Tell me, Cristina, which of these two mummies is the most beautiful -- mine or that hag's?

Tell me, Cristina, which of us two has been most perfectly mummified -- me or that hag sitting between us?

Quick, clear a path to the vomitorium.

Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, the Argentine Dominatrix, has gushed on Twitter about her meeting with Coma-Andante Fidel Castro.

Her tweet:

"La Habana. Lunes 27. Ayer domingo memorable, si los hay. Junto a Florencia, invitación de Fidel para almorzar con familia. Hermoso de verdad."  ("Yesterday was a memorable Sunday, yes such days exist. With Florencia, [I received] an invitation from Fidel to join him and his family for lunch.  Truly beautiful.")

Oh, Fidel, thanks for sitting me next to these roses -- they really DO cover up your stench.

Oh, Fidel, thanks for sitting me next to these roses --  what a lovely nosegay: they really DO cover up your stench.

Yes, truly, truly beautiful. Hermosísimo!

Notice, please, how the Argentine Dominatrix is shielding her breasts from the Coma-Andante's hands.   In a previous encounter, the Viejo Verde Máximo (Maximum Dirty Old Man) had tried -- but failed -- to check out her implants.  See previous post and photo below.


For more disgusting details and photos, go HERE.


2 comments to Argentine Dominatrix tweets sweetly about Fidel, but shields her breasts from him

  • asombra

    Wait, is that the First Concubine or the witch from Snow White? Looks like it's both.

  • asombra

    Emetic elements aside, the key thing here is that fawning over a monstrous tyrant is not only normal but de rigueur--as if Nosferatu were a retired Winston Churchill. This is the height of Latrine propriety, and Cretina is quite representative of regional standards. All these visiting "leaders" are dying for the same sort of invitation. And some people wonder why we reject and despise the "Latino" label.

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