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Rules and Regulations Who Needs Them!” sings Graham Nash (a fervent champion of Castroism)


So your brother's bound and gagged
And they've chained him to a chair
Won't you please come to Chicago just to sing
In a land that's known as freedom how can such a thing be fair


If you believe in justice
If you believe in freedom
Let a man live his own life
Rules and regulations who needs them!
(Chicago, lyrics by Graham Nash)

Graham Nash has long been a vocal champion of a regime (Castro's) that regulates more of it's subjects activities than has almost any regime in the modern history of the human race, from what they eat to what they read, from where they travel to where they work, etc. etc.

The regime celebrated by Graham Nash has bound and gagged more political prisoners than any regime in the modern history of the Western hemisphere.

In 1979 Graham Nash proudly played with his musical cohorts (Stills and Crosby) at Havana Jam, a concert strictly for the Stalinist fiefdom's nomenklatura and their offspring. Since then Nash has often visited Stalinist Cuba. Naturally Graham Nash is prominent (as was Pete Seeger) in the "Free The Cuban Five" campaign, along with the "End the Cuba Blockade" campaign, the Stalinist regime's most vital campaign currently.


3 comments to “Rules and Regulations Who Needs Them!” sings Graham Nash (a fervent champion of Castroism)

  • asombra

    In the last photo, Fidel looks what he was: a vulgar, posturing punk way too full of himself. The type is eminently Latrine, and Cuba should have been above that, but evidently too much of it wasn't--and there's the rub. Yes, the filthy bastard lied to the people and promised what he never meant to deliver, but the people should have known better, should have seen through him, should have been much tougher customers. Alas, the people failed. One wants to say, to scream, "How could they have been so stupid?" but, to be fair, there's the little matter of the American people and a certain Obama--twice.

    As for the Argentine asshole, he gets more tiresome by the day: a delusionally arrogant prick who was still Fidel's bitch unto death. The fool thought he was worth more alive than dead, but it turned out just the opposite--as Fidel realized to his great profit. His lumpy daughter, a coarse cow indeed, is a poetically just legacy. I don't believe he gave a damn about any of his spawn, just as Fidel didn't really give a damn about him, but at least the bovine Aleida is living quite nicely off daddy's myth, so he proved a good provider after all. Guevara should serve as a cautionary tale to all Cubans: Beware of Latrines bearing gifts, especially those who presume to be a gift themselves.

  • asombra

    Lord deliver us from old musicians (of sorts) desperate to remain "relevant."

  • Honey

    I don't understand.

    The lyrics:

    If you believe in justice
    If you believe in freedom
    Let a man live his own life
    Rules and regulations who needs them!

    These could be the bywords of a conservative who says keep the govt. out of our lives and let us live our own lives. Does the lyricist mean that the Castros don't need rules? It sounds like he means the opposite - that the American govt. should stop trying to regulate our choices. Can someone explain what Nash means?