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Why are no Democratic U.S. Presidents villifed in Cuba’s Museo de la Revolucion?


Ain't never been there, but I'm unaware of any denigrating caricatures of Democratic U.S. Presidents in Havana's Museo de la Revolucion?...Hummmmmm?... Very interestink!


Odd, because don't "experts" assure us that the regime secretly ADORES the "embargo?" And isn't it Democrats from Carter to Clinton to Obama who cunningly undermine the regime's hold on power with their "people-to-people," "family-travel," remittances, blah...blah...? This scheme to liberate Cuba must be SO CUNNING (!!!) that the Stalinists (those hopeless, bumbling chumps in the art of grabbing and retaining power) who run Cuba just can't detect it! They don't have a clue, the poor fools! The Democrats are BLINDSIDING the Stalinists!--THAT'S IT!!!

(also note that no Autentico Cuban Presidents are insulted as "cretins." Where's Grau and Prio?....Maybe the Museo displays a note from Fidel thanking Prio for buying him the Granma? (whooo-boy! Here we go!...Fontova's sedging into full-JODEDOR mode!)

4 comments to Why are no Democratic U.S. Presidents villifed in Cuba’s Museo de la Revolucion?

  • asombra

    Note how Batista (at far left) has been darkened and given a big red "bemba de negro," which he didn't have and those behind this depiction know it. However, such exaggerated lips are very typical of racist caricatures of blacks, and this is very much in keeping with the recent animated cartoon put out by the regime showing black opposition leader Berta Soler as a gorilla. Imagine that.

    As for not showing Grau or Prío, remember that this museum is primarily meant for foreign visitors, who would know nothing about them but would definitely know Batista. This sophomoric mural is about scoring propaganda points, not teaching history. As it happens, Prío, an affable but weak and ineffectual fool, made possible Batista's dictatorship, which set the stage for Castro's--and then, as if that hadn't been bad enough, he decided to help Castro overthrow Batista, no doubt thinking that would clear the way to his becoming president again. Let's just say he didn't commit suicide for nothing.

  • antonio2009

    Granma newspaper in May 1980 made this cartoon of a buck-toothed Jimmy Carter with a chamber pot on his head and standing by a barrel full of dung
    The museum is obviously very selective about what they display.

  • asombra

    Whoever made that Carter cartoon was obviously a cheap hack. At least Oliphant is a professional SOB.

  • […] amigos, there's a reason why only Republican U.S. Presidents are villified in Havana's Museo de La Revolucion--but remember: villification differs greatly from contempt, which is the habitual reaction of the […]