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European Union seeks to keep Castro dynasty in power

Catherine Ashton, UK, discusses EU  Castrogonian policy  in Brussels with Karl Bildt  (Sweden) and Radoslaw Sikorski (Poland).

Catherine Ashton, UK, discusses EU Castrogonian policy in Brussels with Karl Bildt (Sweden) and Radoslaw Sikorski (Poland).

Here we go, amigos.....

Talk, talk, talk.  Castrogonia will make all sorts of empty promises concerning human rights.  The European Union will knowingly play along, wink, and lift its sanctions.

Most likely outcome: more cash for Castrogonia's abusive oligarchs.  More tourists.  More exploitation of slave labor. More repression within the island.

Crack that whip, Raul !... And fork over some bonus pay to Carlos Malamud, that European "Cuba expert" cited by Reuters....

European Union to launch talks to upgrade relations with Castro Kingdom

(Reuters) - The European Union will agree next month to deepen relations with Cuba in its most significant overture to the communist island since the bloc lifted diplomatic sanctions in 2008, people close to the matter told Reuters.

Foreign ministers from the EU's 28 countries will give the go-ahead on February 10 to launch talks with Havana on a special cooperation accord to increase trade, investment and dialogue on human rights. The pact could be agreed by the end of 2015.

"Cuba wants capital and the European Union wants influence," said one person involved in the talks who declined to be named because of the sensitivity of the issue. "This cooperation could serve as a prelude to much more."

Two other people with knowledge of the negotiations told Reuters that a consensus had been reached in Brussels to give momentum to Cuba's market-oriented reforms under President Raul Castro and to position European companies for any transition to a more capitalist economy there in the longer term....

.."If Europe wants to have a presence when there's a transition in Cuba, the EU has to start working now. It's right to start dialogue now so that Europe isn't absent when a transition happens," said Carlos Malamud, head of Latin American research at the Real Instituto Elcano, a think-tank in Madrid.

Continue reading HERE.

And for a more informative report (in Spanish), go to ABC Spain, HERE

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