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British investors hope to intensify and deepen apartheid in the nation formerly known as Cuba


Existing apartheid golf course at Varadero

Once again, foreign investors in Castrogonia are hustling to build a string of apartheid resorts for foreigners only.

But they keep hitting one brick wall after another with their projects, all of which involve the construction of  golf courses, marinas, and exclusive gated communities for foreigners.

The deals were all signed a while back, but have been shelved as the oligarchs try to figure out two things: how best to screw the foreign investors, and how best to screw the Cuban people.

Oddly, it doesn't matter how many stories like this are reported.  Time after time, foreign investors in Castrogonia are frustrated, swindled, blackmailed, even jailed.  Yet, the investors keep lining up, all because they think they can outsmart the military junta and make a buck or two.

Promotional material from British apartheid investors

Promotional material from British apartheid investors

The Esencia Group featured in this news piece has an especially loathsome web site. Check it out HERE... and check out their other link below.

Meditation of the day:  Imagine projects for golf courses, marinas, and exclusive housing going up in the old South Africa.   What kind of media attention would this have attracted?  Imagine the headlines, the rants, the college student sit-ins, the denunciations in foreign parliaments and the United Nations.  Imagine Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, Danny Glover and other tireless "advocates" for justice in a Michael Moore film that exposes the shameful behavior of these investors and of the apartheid regime they support with their business.

Yeah, Imagine.

What the apartheid investors hope to build at Carbonara

What the apartheid investors hope to build at Carbonera

Golf projects lingering, investors are awaiting new rules

CUBA STANDARD – In May 2013, London-based Esencia Group reached a formal agreement with the Cuban government to build the $350 million Carbonera Club golf course community, with construction planned to begin in 2014.

As the National Assembly is expected to pass a new foreign investment law in March, things have been quiet at the site just west of Varadero where Carbonera is supposed to be built. There’s been no activity to suggest that the construction of the 650 apartments and villas, hotel, country club, and golf course at the Carbonera site will happen anytime soon.

Esencia suggests that everything is on track.

“The project is still in the planning stages, but is still the first and only (golf) project to be agreed and signed off,” Esencia spokesman Johnny Considine said.

A high-ranking official in the tourism ministry said last fall that the Cuban government will “shortly” announce special foreign investment regulations for golf real estate projects.

The body of regulations for golf real estate projects will be “complementary,” said José Reinaldo Daniel Alonso, business director of the tourism ministry, according to official business weekly Opciones. The National Assembly is scheduled to discuss a new foreign investment law in late March.

Present state of proposed apartheid resort at Carbonera

Present state of proposed apartheid resort at Carbonera

The Cuban government has plans for 16 golf real estate projects, with condominiums and homes for sale to foreigners.

Carbonera is the most advanced of at least four golf resort projects whose plans have been ready to go since 2011. In summer of that year, Cuban officials concluded negotiations with four foreign consortia — Esencia, Canada’s Standing Feather International, British Virgin Island-based Coral Capital Group, and a Spanish investor group that planned to build a golf resort at Las Alturas in western Cuba. The Council of Ministers approved their respective projects, and the foreign companies formed joint ventures with Cuban state company Palmares S.A.

Another Spanish developer, La Playa Golf & Resorts S.L., is proposing a megaresort on the western tip of the island, but it apparently hasn’t advanced as far as the other four groups. Also, Vox 360 Corp., a Canadian group, has proposed a golf and marina resort at Jibacoa, a 40-minute drive east of Havana (which was to include a golf course, condos and a marina).

Two and a half years after the conclusion of negotiations, none of the projects has materialized.

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