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Here’s a sampling of the poll “questions” asked by Castro’s PR agency (The Atlantic Council) to their “representative sample” of Americans.

"So Homies and Homegirl? Should Cuba remain on the State-Sponsors-of-Terrorism list?"

“Currently the US State Dept. designates four countries in the world as state sponsors of terrrorism: Cuba, Iran Syria and Sudan. Thousands of Al Qaeda terrorists are in Sudan or Syria, and Iran has been aggressively building it's Nuclear program. Despite human rights abuses Cuba poses none of the active dangers to the United States and our Security that these other countries possess."

The above was the first part of the question by the Atlantic Council's recent poll on U.S.-Cuba policy. Here's the rest of the question: "In your opinion does Cuba pose the same threat as these other countries and thus belong on the (terrorism-sponsor) list?"

First off, Al Qaeda is in Syria FIGHTNG AGAINST THE SYRIAN REGIME, not as a guest of the regime, as in the case of the terrorist FARC in Castro's Cuba.

Secondly, the director of national intelligence James Clapper and CIA Director David Petraeus both testifying before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence went on record thusly: "We don't believe they've (Iran) actually made the decision to go ahead with a nuclear weapon."

But the Atlantic Council's "expertise" on the Syrian civil war and their cognizance of the actual intelligence estimates of America's top intelligence officials is not really the issue here. The issue is the wording of their "poll questions."

Geeezus!--you mean Bendixen wasn't giving Castro and his lobbyists everything they wanted?!

You can't MAKE this kinda shit up!

“Thanks to Fidel Castro, we are now a powerful army, not a hit and run band." (Tiro-Fijo the late commander of FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia).


2 comments to Here’s a sampling of the poll “questions” asked by Castro’s PR agency (The Atlantic Council) to their “representative sample” of Americans.

  • Griffin

    The Atlantic Council survey also failed to mention that Cuba has close relations with other state sponsor of terrorism regimes like Iran, Syria & Sudan. Or that a delegation from the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah visited Cuba in 2011, at the invitation of the Cuban Communist Party. Or that Carlos the Jackal was trained in terrorism techniques in Cuba. Or that Cuban weapons were discovered hidden under sacks of sugar on a North Korean freighter attempting to transit the Panama canal, in violation of Panamanian law and UN sanctions.

    We could go on, but you know the long, long list support for terrorism by the Castro' regime.

    Humberto: In the preamble to the survey the Atlantic Council thanked unnamed "Cuba Experts", but didn't name them. Have you any information who these helpful experts might be? The usual suspects, no doubt.

  • asombra

    That photo is seriously sad. Some trio. Well, at least they still have the excuse of being young and stupid.