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Cubans must be allowed to decide Cuba’s fate

Marc Masferrer in Uncommon Sense:

Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo: Cubans must be allowed to decide Cuba's fate

1654562_10151980759507712_1876411836_nOrlando Luis Pardo Lazo

I have had the good fortune over the past few years of meeting and hearing speak many Cuban opposition activists and dissidents. They come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and hold sometimes differing viewpoints on the challenges today facing Cuba and Cubans, especially those who challenge the Castro regime's grip on power and the life of their country.

But what each do share is this: A passion for their nation and a faith that justice and freedom will prevail. In a country where freedom is scarce, they are the freest of men and women. If we are to thank the Castro regime for anything, it would be the "reform" that has allowed men and women like Jorge Luis Perez Garcia, "Antunez" and Rosa Maria Paya Acevedo to leave Cuba so they can tell their stories.

Tonight, I heard another one of the leading voices of Cuban dissidence, the journalist/blogger/photographer/writer Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo share his perspectives and opinions. (You can read some of his work, in English, here and here, and view some of his photographs, here.)

All the points he made during a panel discussion at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Fla., were salient but if there was one overarching theme, it was this: The future of Cuba must be allowed to be determined by the Cuban people. Whether or not there is an American "embargo" will not decide Cuba's fate; and neither will a regime that for more than half a century has refused to consult with the Cuban people about what it does, supposedly in their name.

It's an insight more must consider to understand the challenges facing Cuba.

Continue reading HERE.

2 comments to Cubans must be allowed to decide Cuba’s fate

  • George Moneo

    Al, If Pardo Lazo is waiting for the Cuban people to rise up and free themselves from castro's tyranny, then I'd suggest he get a very comfortable chair because he's going to have long wait. Cuba has been lost for a long time and its people, the '99%' as I call them, couldn't care less. All they want is to resolver one more day. And the days pass and pass and pass with nothing being done.

    There are very few men and women in Cuba like him. Pardo Lazo, Darsi, Antunez, Biscet, Roque, Paya, Gorki, are a dedicated, moral minority who deserve our support. But they alone will not succeed: The people of Cuba have to say 'ya no mas' and finally release the yoke. Until that happens, nothing will change in Cuba because the bastards that run the island will know they're under no threat whatsoever from the people.

  • Fine, Pardo-Lazo. But then why must the U.S. taxpayer subsidize so many of you? "We reward, you decide."....pretty nice deal. In every other field of human endeavor the folks who help bankroll the endeavor get some say in the direction and outcome of the endeavor.