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Sugar Growers Association disavows statements by Alfy Fanjul calling for business with Cuba’s apartheid dictatorship

Via Miami's CBS4:

Sugar Growers Assoc. Issues Statement On Fanjul Firestorm

MIAMI (CBSMiami/AP) – A group of former Cuban sugar mill owners, who sought refuge in the U.S. after their lands and property were seized in the 1959 Cuban revolution, have entered fray after an interview earlier this month in which billionaire sugar baron Alfonso “Alfy” Fanjul spoke publicly for the first time about his thoughts on expanding his business into Cuba.

In an article published in the Washington Post on February 2nd Fanjul, the CEO of Fanjul Corp. spoke of his recent trips to the island and his interest in bringing the family’s vast sugar holdings back there. He wouldn’t say whether that would be contingent on the deaths of President Raul Castro and brother Fidel Castro or on the end of the island nation’s communist system.

In response to those comments, The National Association of Sugar Mill Owners of Cuba took out a full page ad in The Miami Herald on Sunday, February 16th on their position.

“Alfonso Fanjul and his family have long been active members of our voluntary Association. Consistent with our democratic traditions, Mr. Fanjul is, of course, entitled to his opinion on how best to pursue his interests, however narrow these may be. But so there is no confusion, this Association stands united with Cuba’s internal democratic opposition and civil society against the Castro regime.”

“It is our further position that any so-called negotiations or dialogue in pursuit of economic rights must include the social and political rights intrinsic to all Cuban citizens, as these are inseparable. Necessarily, any conversation on how to advance the future good of Cuba must also be to the exclusion of the Castro dictatorship and its collaborators; dealing with the Castro brother is legally pointless, as they in no way represent the will of the Cuban people.”

Continue reading HERE.

1 comment to Sugar Growers Association disavows statements by Alfy Fanjul calling for business with Cuba’s apartheid dictatorship

  • asombra

    Oh, I bet Alfie wants everything secure and proper, and "political change" to assure that--like an end to the embargo and re-establishment of full diplomatic relations. I bet he wants "progress" like Hillary Clinton--the same Hillary who showered Vilma Espín, Raúl Castro's witch-wife, with inordinately affectionate attention at a women's conference they both attended. Any Cuban chummy with the Clintons is too shameless and undignified to be respectable, though apparently that's just the tip of the Fanjul iceberg. Well, Domino sugar is out of my life, just as it should be out of the lives of all decent Cubans.