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Ay! Sharon Stone agrees with intransigent hard-line Cuban exiles … and files lawsuit!


Shock and awe: Stone exposes one Huge Lie

Now, for a most unusual turn of events: a famous Hollywood actress lost her job because she refused to go to "Castroland."

Yes, TMZ actually used the name "Castroland" instead of "Cuba" when reporting this story.  (Have they been reading Babalu?)

More than that, TMZ reports that the actress  is suing a producer for half a million dollars, claiming that he wanted her to lie on her application for a travel permit from the U.S. government.

At issue:  Sharon Stone was hired to star as Hemingway's wife in a film about the novelist.  Then the producer asked her to declare on a government form that she was going to Castrogonia as part of a "cultural" exchange rather than as a worker in a commercial enterprise. All this to avoid the minor limitations of the so-called "embargo."

Stone refused to lie and lost her role in the film.

Producer and alleged cheat Bob Yari

Producer and alleged cheat Bob Yari

God knows what other reasons Sharon Stone might have had for not doing this Hemingway film in Castrogonia, or what other disagreements she might have had with the producer.  She has been known to make all sorts of unreasonable demands on movie sets.

The fact remains that she has exposed the lie behind every people-to-people junket.   Let's hope this case goes all the way to the Supreme Court.  And let's also hope that long before the case gets there  "Castroland" will have ceased to exist.

Read it and laugh.  From TMZ

Sharon Stone Sues Over Cuba Film: She is not Fidel-ing Around

Sharon Stone claims a big time movie producer is a liar and a fraud who asked her to falsify U.S. documents so she could go to Cuba and play Ernest Hemingway's wife in a new movie  ... and when she refused she got stiffed and was ordered to return a custom wig.


Stone made a deal with Bob Yari to shoot "Papa," about the famous writer.  Sharon was slated to play Mary Hemingway, but there was a big snag.

According to the lawsuit, filed by legal pit bull Marty Singer, Stone needed legal clearance to take the trip to Castroland.  Stone claims in the lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- Yari asked her to LIE in order to get permission from the U.S. Government.  He wanted her to say the trip was for a "cultural endeavor" ... which it wasn't.

Stone claims Yari pressured her to falsify government documents, and when she resisted he sent her an email saying, "NO ONE has EVER been jailed for travel to Cuba."

Sharon refused to budge, so Yari -- who also produced "Crash" -- recast the role and refused to pay her the $500,000 she was promised.

To add insult to injury, Sharon says Yari actually had the gall to demand that she return the wig that had been made for the Mary Hemingway character.

Sharon is suing for the $500K.

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