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Cuba sends elite ‘Black Wasps’ shock troops to Venezuela to lead attacks against pro-democracy demonstrators

In the photo montage above, you see a recent photograph of an alleged Venezuelan "intelligence agent" superimposed over a photograph of the Castro dictatorship's elite military assault team named the Black Wasps. As you can plainly see, the "Venezuelan" agent bears a striking resemblance to one of the Cuban shock troops. Therefore, one can only conclude that either one of Castro's thugs in Cuba has a twin in Venezuela, or Cuba's Black Wasps have arrived in that country to take over the repressive operation aimed to quash dissent and destroy the pro-democracy opposition. Considering the incontrovertible evidence we have seen over the past weeks and years, the latter explanation becomes the only viable one.

For years now, the Cuban military (which is the Cuban dictatorship) has been controlling Venezuela from the inside. Thousands of troops along with military "advisers" have been pulling the strings in Venezuela under direct orders from Havana. One only needs to listen to Nicolas Maduro speak for ten seconds and it becomes obvious he is nothing but a puppet (and a bad one at that) who is incapable of finding his way out of a paper bag, let alone leading a country. There can be no real doubt that Cuba is running Venezuela, and with the arrival of the Black Hornets military assault unit, it appears they are now willing to do it out in the open.

Rolando Cartaya has more in Martí News:

Cuban troops suspected to be in Venezuela

Venezuela’s Minister of Interior denies presence of the special troops in the country

Members of the Avispas Negras

Miguel Rodriguez Torres, Venezuela 's Minister of the Interior denied allegations on Thursday that members of Cuba’s elite military Special Forces known as the Avispas Negras were sent to Venezuela.

In response to a reporter’s question inquiring what he knew about the Avispas Negras, Torres replied that the only Cubans he knew about were on the sports field and in medical dispensaries.

Torres was in San Cristóbal, the capital of Tachira, a state bordering Colombia, birthplace to the protests that have shaken Venezuela and where Nicolas Maduro’s government decided to send a battalion of paratroopers on Thursday.  "We have to join our efforts to reverse the disorder in San Cristóbal," said Torres during a press conference.

The Avispas Negras are not police. They are military personnel.  The nickname refers to the special troops of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba. They are so called because their badge sports a black wasp ready to sting and attack, donned on the sleeves of camouflage uniforms.

The Special Forces are similar to the Army Rangers or Navy Seals. The Avispas Negras have participated in the Angolan civil war and fought against South Africa’s army.

Continue reading HERE.

2 comments to Cuba sends elite ‘Black Wasps’ shock troops to Venezuela to lead attacks against pro-democracy demonstrators