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  • asombra: But hey, let’s be grateful such a giant of literature deigned to notice little old Cuba, and that he evidently held no...

  • asombra: OK, I read the rest of this tripe. It could all be knowing and deliberate ass-kissing, meaning Gabo knew it was BS, or it could...

  • Humberto Fontova: Thanks prof. Tony. But you shoulda read the ENTIRE post first. I INCLUDED Lynch’s book (In fact, I put it in the...

  • asombra: In the top photo, GM looks distinctly gay. In the middle photo, he looks like he’s getting ready to have an orgasm from...

  • asombra: All slaves are slaves, but only some slaves are deemed worth helping. Cuban ones aren’t.

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Venezuela’s Ladies in White

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Similar to their Cuban counterparts, these courageous women marched through the streets of Caracas today demanding the respect for human rights and freedom.

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