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“Here I come to save the day!” Jimmy Carter invites himself to Venezuela

Last week Jimmy Carter fired off letters to Venezuela’s fraudulent President Nicolas Maduro and to Venezuela’s defrauded Presidential candidate Enrique Capriles expressing “grave concern” regarding the political turmoil and bloodshed convulsing their nation. From his pulpit at Emory University’s Carter Center, the former U.S. president calls for “dialogue” among the embattled Venezuelan parties and offers to visit the troubled nation--but not as a formal “mediator.”

The news of Carter’s proposed Venezuela visit was only hours old when alarmed Venezuelan anti-socialists sent out an SOS: “Please, desist from your trip,” reads an open letter from Venezuelan blogger/journalist Daniel Duquenal. “You have absolutely no credibility in Venezuela…You have cursed us enough as it is. I can assure you that half of the country has no respect nor credibility for you and the other half (the Castroites) thinks you are a mere fool that they can use and discard as needed.”

This is a very unequal battle in Venezuela's streets. The protestors have overwhelming numbers on their side, but the Cuba-puppet regime has the guns, the planes, the tanks, the truncheons and the tear gas. Better still (for the Venezuelan regime) the hands-on tutelage of their repressive apparatus comes courtesy of a regime (Castro’s) that jailed political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin’s during the Great Terror, and murdered more Cubans in his first three years in power than Hitler‘s murdered Germans during his first six. No “security specialists” in the Western Hemisphere can boast anything close to these credentials on their CV.

Our friends at Townhall help disseminate items that induce soporific disinterest everywhere outside a few tiny enclaves in south Florida.



1 comment to “Here I come to save the day!” Jimmy Carter invites himself to Venezuela

  • asombra

    If Carter had any shame, dignity or class...but he doesn't. Dork-faced hubris incarnate. He's proof that someone not only woefully but dangerously unfit can rise as high as POTUS. What does that say about democracy, or at least about the American electorate? Lord have mercy.

    As for listening to anybody like Duquenal, forget it. Jimmy is way above that, you see. He's a statesman and shit, with a Nobel Peace Prize even (like that other great statesman, Arafat). He's also, you know, SO morally superior that he can't possibly be dissuaded by mere mortals, even if they happen to be the people actually involved in this mess he helped enable and who have plenty of skin in the game. Carter is not just pathetic, he's abominable. Deeply disgusting old fraud.