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Tabloid Kennedy headline of the century


They are the men who sold Cuba into slavery through their rotten decisions, first at the Bay of Pigs in April 1961, then again during the October missile crisis of 1962.

So, when someone comes along claiming to have an 8mm film of Jack and Bobby Kennedy engaged in hanky panky with Marilyn Monroe, Babalu has a moral duty to report this unsavory piece of gossip from the tabloid press.

The Prussian philosopher and pedant Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) might say that we are adhering to the ethical demands of the Categorical Imperative.

If the claims are true, then the Kennedy brothers will be revered even more intensely by those who already adore them.   And the owner of the film will become filthy rich, with an emphasis on "filthy."

lawrence-schiller-marilyn-monroe-may-23-photographs-chromogenic-print-c-print-zoomFrom The Daily Mail (naturally):

Sex tape showing JFK, RFK and Marilyn Monroe in a threesome to be sold at auction

A former Hollywood bodyguard-turned-memorabilia collector claims a sex tape with JFK, RFK and Marilyn Monroe will be auctioned off this coming week.

The tape of ex-President John F Kennedy, brother Robert and the blonde bombshell has never been seen and was supposedly seized by the Tulane County Sheriff’s Office after William Castleberry defaulted on a debt.

William Castleberry claimed to RadarOnline the 8 mm film shows the trio engaging in intercourse, but says it was not made public out of respect for former Yankee great Joe DiMaggio.

It is set to be sold auction Tuesday along with various other memorabilia collected by Castleberry.

Read more HERE

Saaaabroso!  Saaaaabrosisiiiimo!

Saaaabroooso! Saaaaabrooosisiiiimo! Oye, Raul, comprame esa pelicula, o te mato!

3 comments to Tabloid Kennedy headline of the century

  • asombra

    It's probably a hoax or a fake, but even if real, it changes nothing. The players in question remain what they were.

  • asombra

    In a way, the Kennedys were like the Castro family: a really nasty SOB as patriarch, with shitty but very ambitious offspring with major entitlement issues.

  • asombra

    That whole "Happy birthday, Mr. President" stunt was painfully cheesy and sophomoric, the sort of thing one could excuse in a high-school boy but totally inappropriate for the POTUS. The problem is JFK never really grew up, which explains his astonishingly uncontrolled self-indulgence. Monroe was yet another sadly dysfunctional Hollywood fleshpot. Ultimately, it's all rather sleazy, seedy and cheap.