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After Miami-Dade Commission passes resolution condemning Venezuela’s dictator, will it now condemn the dictator’s partner Odebrecht?

Although passing a resolution condemning the violent repression of Venezuela's Cuba-controlled dictator Nicolas Maduro is not really that difficult, we commend the commissioners of Miami-Dade County for making a public stand and supporting the pro-democracy protestors in Venezuela. What may prove to be not as easy is for this same commission to condemn and publicly stand against Odebrecht, a business partner of not only Cuba's Castro dictatorship but of Venezuela's puppet dictatorship as well.

We can only hope the same convictions that led them to support democracy in Venezuela will lead them to reject the unscrupulous Odebrecht. How can you not condemn an unconscionable company that shamelessly makes billions of dollars in blood money through countless business deals with the world's most vile and murderous dictatorships?

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Will Miami-Dade County Keep Supporting Maduro's Ally, Odebrecht?

Kudos to the Board of Commissioners of Miami-Dade County, which passed a resolution yesterday condemning the repressive actions of Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro.

But the question now is:

Will Miami-Dade County continue handing billions in taxpayer funds to Odebrecht, the Brazilian conglomerate that has been a main backer of the Chavez and Maduro governments?

Or was the resolution an exercise in empty rhetoric?

Similar to its partnership with Castro's military, Odebrecht has been a strategic ally of Chavez and Maduro.

We reiterate, Odebrecht is not a company that casually cuts a deal or two with tyrannical regimes. It is the gold standard of companies that profit from repressive regimes throughout the world.

In Venezuela, this company is behaving very well,” Chavez said in 2008, recalling that Odebrecht refused to participate in the opposition's 2002 strike that shut down Venezuela.

Odebrecht has partnered with Chavez-Maduro in infrastructure, real estate, industrial, oil and gas and petrochemical projects.

Chavez loved Odebrecht so much that he once "joked" he was converting its CEO, Marcelo Odebrecht, to "21st century socialism."

Odebrecht even donated money for a book on Simon Bolivar for Chavez to distribute during one of his political campaigns.

And when Chavez died, it rooted for Maduro to replace him.

So will Miami-Dade County really stand with Venezuelan-Americans against their brethren's repressors?

Or will it keep forking over their taxpayer funds to Maduro's business partner, Odebrecht?

1 comment to After Miami-Dade Commission passes resolution condemning Venezuela’s dictator, will it now condemn the dictator’s partner Odebrecht?