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Argentine president lashes out against European colonialism, ignores Cuban colonialism


Goodbye Columbus

While Lenin statues fall like autumn leaves in Ukraine, a statue of a very different historical can no longer be found  in Buenos Aires.

Eight months ago, Argentine president Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, a great admirer of the Castro brothers,  removed  a statue of Christopher Columbus that stood within view of  the Casa Rosada, her nation's presidential residence.

Lashing out against "colonialism," and linking Columbus to genocide,  Kirchner said: "The first thing you have to do in order to colonize anyone is to convince them that they are worthless."


In addition to trashing Columbus and demolishing his statue, Kirchner has now renamed the Columbus Room at the presidential palace.  The new politically-correct name: "The Salon of Native Peoples."

"We will henceforth highlight the history that no one would tell us about our culture, and learn about the civilization of native peoples."

No word from President Kirchner about the colonialism now at work throughout Latrine America, which is directed by white men in Havana.

Read more about this hypocritical iconoclasm HERE (in Spanish)


4 comments to Argentine president lashes out against European colonialism, ignores Cuban colonialism

  • Honey

    These pictures are so amazing. In the last we have on the left the profile of a near corpse and on the right the profile of someone who believes she is improving her appearance using black eye makeup and plastic surgery. Both deceive themselves that they look good even as they deceive themselves that they are good.

  • […] Columbus taken down and a room renamed in the presidential residence: Carlos Eire describes how the Argentine president lashes out against European colonialism, ignores Cuban colonialism while at the same time redecorating the joint, In addition to trashing Columbus and demolishing his […]

  • asombra

    Cretina is spectacularly fake. You can't make this Latrine shit up. How can anyone even remotely respect this degree of cheap posturing? How can anyone respect people who'd vote for her? She's way beyond embarrassing--an absolutely screaming joke, yet quite par for the course.

  • asombra

    The bitch should just wear a Lone Ranger mask. She'd save a fortune on eye makeup.