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The shameless OAS and the Cuba-caused turmoil in Venezuela

Via Venezuela News and Views:

Brief comments on the OAS resolution

The lengthy and often postponed OAS debate on the situation of Venezuela gave birth to a shameful communique where only two countries saved their honor by putting comments down, the USA and Panama (although I understand that Canada did not approve but the tally of the votes does not appear).

Three conclusion: 1) the OAS is clearly useless 2) the regime scores a point and 3) the April 2013 strategy of Capriles and the MUD is exacting a heavy price on them.

1) In spite of all evidence the OAS refuses to go further than an exhortation to peace that places, almost, the Maduro regime as the victim. That is, OAS has simply desisted in examining democratic behavior. What matters is only whether and "elected" president is overthrown legally or not. that is, the Cuban strategy applied though Chavez of minimizing the OAS has worked beautifully and it is now a castrato without a voice.

2) The regime scores because not only the OAS will not send any mission or observation, not only the OAS will not go beyond an exhortation but the OAS also writes "Its appreciation, full support, and encouragement for the initiatives and the efforts of the democratically-elected Government of Venezuela ...". there is an "and" after that to include other sectors but the first part is the one that counts, the one where Maduro is considered democratically-elected when we all know the gigantic fraud that was committed last April 2013.

3) Having failed to be more energetic about the claim of fraud in April 2013 and making it worse by putting all eggs in yet another fraudulent election in December 2013 has been noted. The strategy of Capriles and the MUD has failed at home, but more importantly, has failed overseas demonstrating once again that the Venezuelan opposition has no coherence and as such it is difficult to take it seriously. Indirectly the OAS states that there are waiting for some one serious enough to talk to in Venezuela. Meanwhile Maduro it is.

But of course long time readers of this blog shall not be surprised by this turn of events. 

2 comments to The shameless OAS and the Cuba-caused turmoil in Venezuela