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Associated Press reports of TORTURE in CUBA!!!


But it took place in 1953. From the AP story today on the death in Cuba of of "Heroine of the Revolution" and Moncada assaultant Melba Hernandez.

"The (Moncada) assault failed miserably, with many of the attackers killed by government soldiers and the rest, including Castro, arrested. The women, who were waiting nearby to provide medical assistance to their comrades, also were jailed. (Haydee) Santamaria’s brother Abel was tortured and killed in prison."

In fact Dr Tony De La Cova has amply documented that the stories of Abel Santamaria having his eyes gouged out Batista's torturers...blah...blah after...being captured is total and typical Castroite horseshit.

This, of course, has not stopped all "respectable historians" from spreading the fable. After all, the intrepid AP itself is very upfront about the "scoop" for their story from this very morning: "A message from the Communist Party’s Central Committee published in the party newspaper Granma said Ms. Hernandez died of complications from diabetes. The place of death was not reported."

From Georgia Ann Geyer's critically-acclaimed book "Guerrilla Prince; the Untold story of Fidel Castro."

"A sergeant named El Tigre came to Haydee Santamaria, opened his bloodstained hands, showed her the eye of her brother and demanded that she tell everything or his other eye would be torn out..!"


"Haydee's reply, which every Cuban schoolchild came to know by heart was: if he did not tell you under torture far less will I tell you."


Remember Georgia Ann Geyer's critically-acclaimed book is titled "Guerrilla Prince; the Untold story of Fidel Castro." In fact, as we see from Dr Tony's research some of it has been very widely "told"--and by official regime spokespeople, no less.

But why pick on Geyer? In perfect keeping with most "respectable" and "academic" historyography on Castroite Cuba, the Castroite horseshit involving Abel Santamaria's torture was earlier transcribed from Castroite sources and widely disseminated by the ultra-respectable and ultra-scholarly Hugh Thomas--or more respectfully: "Hugh Swynnerton Thomas, Baron Thomas of Swynnerton," who--on top of all his duties as a historian and Baron--also worked a spell for Margaret Thatcher. From this ultra-respectable source the torture story (along with a huge pile of other Castroite horseshit) went "viral," but in the 60's sense of the term.

Need I mention that such as Julia Sweig also transcribes and disseminates the Abel Santamaria torture fable in her books?

Alas, thanks to guidance from Dr Tony De La Cova some books omit the Santamaria torture fable. In fact these books devote all of their pages and documentation to proving how swinish and/or guillible most pundits and academics remain towards Castroism.



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