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Official: Cuba conspired with North Korea to smuggle arms and with Cuba “experts” to lie about it

OK, it's official: The Chon Chon Gang cargo was everything "hard-liners" claimed, rather than what Cuba "experts" claimed.

From the Castro regime promptly upon the disclosure of Cuban arms found on the North Korea bound Chon Chon Gang:

"the 508-foot Chong Chon Gang carried 240 tons of "obsolete defensive weapons" that were to have been repaired in North Korea and returned to Cuba as part of a commercial deal.

From media-darling, Cuba "expert" Phil Peters, promptly upon the disclosure of Cuban arms found on the North Korea bound Chon Chon Gang:

"What this incident says about Cuba is that there aren't a lot of places where you can go to get these old airplanes and antiaircraft systems fixed." (Phil Peters 7/19/2013)

From media-darling, and Council on Foreign Relations Cuba "expert"Julia Sweig, promptly upon the disclosure of Cuban arms found on the North Korea-bound Chon Chon Gang:

"It's not about Havana trying to circumvent an arms embargo. It's about: how about we refurbish our old weapons" (Julia Sweig (7/28/2013)

As made official today by a UN panel: The weapons were not old or obsolete. The goal of the transaction was for one terror-sponsoring Stalinist regime to secretly help arm and/or financially succor another Stalinist regime.

How can any normally inquisitive and intelligent person explain how these two Cuba "experts" almost instantly parroted the identical rationalization for the arms. And how these rationalizations happened to parrot almost exactly the rationalization issued by the Castro regime?

Two of the parties to the criminal scam (Cuba, North Korea) have been outed and scolded (for whatever that's worth) by the UN panel. We anxiously wait for the third party (the party entrusted with covering-up the crime in the international media) to be taken to task.

Some of us are old-enough to remember how Pres. Richard Nixon was--not only outed and relentlessly scolded by the media for participating in a "cover-up"--but run out of Washington for such a "crime."

We search in utter vain for a similar scolding by the Beltway media of Julia Sweig and Phil Peters, guilty of partnering in a cover-up between two Terror-Sponsors. Indeed we search in utter vain for any hint that these blatant abettors of a terror-sponsoring cover-up have lost any of their cachet within this Beltway media.


Needless to add, both of these blatant abettors of Castro-North Korea criminality are proudly associated with Carlos Saladrigas' Cuba Study Group--and without any raised eyebrows or coughing behind the hand by "respectable" media and academic circles.



2 comments to Official: Cuba conspired with North Korea to smuggle arms and with Cuba “experts” to lie about it

  • Griffin

    You nailed it, Humberto.

    They all used the same peculiar language to describe the same thing. The spin was orchestrated from Havana. This is like Journolist: Castro edition.

  • asombra

    Look, folks, they know very well that we know, but they don't care because they figure we can't do much about it, and they also know the game has been rigged since the days of the execrable propagandist Herbert Matthews (who, btw, never stopped shilling for his beloved Fidel, meaning he was either mentally disturbed or much worse). So, the perps just go on about their business as usual and keep spinning away. It's the same, in principle, as that 2008 Oliphant WaPo cartoon: yes, it was grotesque defamation, but if there's no price to pay, what difference does it make? Remember, we are NOT the intended audience for any of this shit, so the fact we can see through it is considered moot. If we were considered a risk, they'd at least try to be less obvious, but the BS is so thinly disguised that it might as well be deliberate provocation. In other words, they figure they're not just covered but practically untouchable.