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Oliver Stone snarls his WORST insult!


You people are: "Similar to the right-wing Florida Cuban exiles who’ve helped keep the US in a dungeon of ignorance!" raved Oliver Stone to his Facebook critics.

For leftists its “right-wing lunatics spreading a dungeon if ignorance!” For normal folks it’s: “people who have actually experienced communism trying to circumvent communist propaganda as disseminated by a media-Hollywood axis...

Not that it always requires blackmail to get Hollywood folks or mainstream talking heads to parrot Castroite propaganda. “His personal magnetism is powerful!” panted feminist Barbara Walters about Fidel Castro during her 2002 interview with the hemisphere’s top jailer and torturer of women. “His presence is still commanding!"

Juan Reynaldo Sanchez, a Lieut. Colonel in Cuba’s Armed Forces who spent 17 years as Fidel Castro’s bodyguard/valet had just been promoted to the position when Barbara Walters visited Cuba for her first interview with the Stalinist dictator in May 1977. Sanchez defected to the U.S. in 2008 and explained to this writer how he was part of the Castroite entourage that accompanied Ms Walters and Fidel to the latter’s island chateau, where they spent the week-end.

Our friends at Townhall help disseminate items that--put in SHAMELESSLY tabloid mode-- just might extend their appeal .000000001 millimeters outside Miami-Dade borders.



2 comments to Oliver Stone snarls his WORST insult!

  • asombra

    Walters, like so many others, would never have risked even the appearance of cozying up to a right-wing despot. People like her are highly conscious of image, career and positioning, and they always remember on which side their bread is buttered. All that talk about "speaking truth to power" is glorified BS, or at most very selective, like their so-called morality. There are countless examples, because that's simply the established norm, so there's no need to even bother pretending otherwise. There's no real risk or disincentive to practicing a double standard, as long as it's done politically correctly. The kind of brazen hypocrisy we're so excruciatingly familiar with is no accident, and it's certainly not carelessness or thoughtlessness. It's just playing the game by its rules, though obviously perversity also comes into it. Remember, enabled, protected and rewarded hypocrisy is absolutely guaranteed hypocrisy.

  • asombra

    Fidel would never have given Walters the time of day if he hadn't felt he could use her to his advantage, even if she wasn't as usefully idiotic as Herbert Matthews (a pretty tough act to beat). She obviously knew a Fidel connection was advantageous to her career, and she also knew how the Cuba game is played, which is definitely not the way Pinochet's Chile or apartheid South Africa was played. In other words, this was a mutually beneficial arrangement.