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Time Magazine finally admits that Cuban elections are a sham


Happy St. Patrick's Night!  And Happy Continuation of St. Patrick's Feast (which Pope Francis has extended until Palm Sunday)!

Get out the Guiness and the Bushmill's, quick!


It seems that leprechauns or single malt Irish whiskey have had a strange effect on the editorial staff at Time Magazine, in advance of the great Irish feast day.

A week ago, Time Magazine finally decided to expose the "elections" in Cuba as a farce, after decades of merely reporting on the predictable results as real news of some significance.

Perhaps they did this in anticipation of the "referendum" in the Crimea today, which gives Russia a "legitimate" reason for annexing that corner of the Ukraine?

Perhaps they did this as a way of easing into a report on the farce of the last election in Venezuela, which gives the Maduro regime the chance to claim it is a "democratically-elected" government?

Read on.... read on... you will be shocked, shocked, by this dramatic turnaround in decades of reporting by the leading middlebrow magazine in the world.


Cuban Elections: A Sham Worth Studying

The stranger-than-fiction vote offers few surprises—100 percent of eligible balloters favored only the pre-determined politicians—but the once-every-few-years election provides a better sense of how the country is run

Castro wins. That is the unsurprising outcome of the country's legislative elections. State media report that nearly 100% of eligible Cubans voted in the last election, and 100% of them cast votes in favor of the status quo. This is only partly as ridiculous as it sounds: voting is mandatory and there is one option on the ballot.

Indeed, when Cuba votes, it votes. When exactly 100% of eligible Cubans set out to cast votes 100% in favor of predetermined politicians, they were carried forth on “billows of emotion and happiness,” state media reported. And nowhere were they happier — or more billowy, presumably — that in Birán, in  Holguín Province, birthplace of Fidel and Raul Castro.  The group that voted at the storied site were so moved by the exercise that they spontaneously burst into song, state media said.

It is easy to chuckle at the thought of the country’s olive-green-clad officials being overcome by the joy of casting a ballot. (If only the U.S. primaries could be such fun.) But as much as the elections are a sham, they are a sham worth studying. This stranger-than-fiction display gives us a better sense of how the country is run.

The once-every-five-year vote is an important exercise in political propaganda.... The vote also serves practical purposes. Forcing 100% of eligible Cubans to vote every few years is a way for the government to keep tabs on the population. Cuban defectors report that vote acts as an informal census, with neighborhood committees, called Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, closely monitoring who shows up and who doesn’t...

Continue reading HERE.


Ha! St. Patrick's Fool!  Gotcha!

Time reported on North Korea, not Castrogonia!

The report above was only minimally doctored, with "Cuba" inserted in place of "North Korea" and "Castro" in place of "Kim", etc...

I win !!!!

I win !!!!

Here's the real shocker:  The slight alterations made in the article above make it MORE accurate than anything Time has ever published about elections in Castrogonia.

They're obsessed with North Korea as the ultimate bad spot on earth, for some strange reason --as is the United Nations -- while they ignore many criminal regimes that are just as bad or worse, like Castrogonia.

Go figure.  Maybe the leprechauns can figure it out?  After all, they endured centuries of British journalistic malfeasance.

I always win, especially at Time Magazine and The New York Times !!!

I always win, especially at Time Magazine and The New York Times !!!

P.S. : Pope Francis didn't really extend St. Patrick's feast.  Like all news reported about him, it's just a willful misrepresentation of what he might have said .... Gotcha twice!



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