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  • asombra: Does Fidel look like a cheesy con artist or what? Sheesh.

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“Come Together, right now…over Hemingway” Says Jim Mc Govern


Nothing says "people to people" travel like Hemingway sightseeing in Cuba.

And nothing says: "Ka-Ching!--Ka-Ching!" to the Castro regime's coffers like Hemingway-tourism. One of Castro's best American friends is pretty upfront about it:

"Hemingway has always brought people together," Jim McGovern said. "He transcends politics, and one of the points that I want to make today is that if Cubans and Americans can come together in a constructive way and do this, to help preserve a house and all its contents, then there's no limit to what we can do if we work together."

Now he's in Cuba working on his pet project yet again.

U.S. Congressman Jim McGovern visited Ernest Hemingway's former home outside the Cuban capital on Monday to celebrate a joint U.S.-Cuban effort to preserve and digitize the Nobel Prize-winning author's personal effects and writings....."We are working to preserve the Hemingway collection for our children's children, and for our grandchildren's grandchildren," said Ada Rosa Alfonso, director of Finca Vigia.

The writer's fourth and last wife, Mary Welsh Hemingway, donated the estate in San Francisco de Paula, about a half-hour drive outside of Havana, to the Cuban government in 1961 shortly after he committed suicide in Idaho.


"You Da Man!"

3 comments to “Come Together, right now…over Hemingway” Says Jim Mc Govern

  • asombra

    McGovern looks very odd. Literally. As in creepy. WTF is some guy from MA doing obsessing over Cuba?

  • asombra

    As for Hemingway, he's a historical figure of little relevance now, and I'm sick of his Cuba tie-in.

  • asombra

    Look at Nosferatu, quite decayed already, in his military costume. His face screams POS, yet this is what nearly all of Cuba once deliriously welcomed and bought into, as if he'd been a new messiah. I'm sorry, but even though he lied big time, and even though he looked rather more fetching back in 1959, Cubans still fucked up royally, and there's no way around that--just like there's no way around Americans electing Obama not just once, but twice. What can one do about people so utterly out to lunch, assuming it's no worse than that? Are most people really THAT easy to fool and manipulate, that unreliable, that potentially dangerous to their fellow citizens? Lord have mercy.