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Andy Garcia channels Sweig, Peters and Lopez-Levy on embargo (we report, you decide)

Check out Larry King's first tweet on the list below:

Here it is again: andy4


"The first guy who wants the embargo in place is Castro. So he can continue to point the fingers that we (the U.S.) are responsible....If America had lifted the embargo he'd have no one to point the finger at." (Andy Garcia in interview with Larry King, March 18, 2014.)

Recall that last year Andy Garcia jumped all over Babalu (this Babalu poster, actually) for wondering if he might have fallen for Castroite propaganda by making a movie glorifying Ernest Hemingway and his boat captain Gregorio Fuentes, who became a tourism apparatchik of the Castro-regime--and especially for planning the movie when tourism revenue (much of it linked to Hemingway-themed tours) was becoming increasingly vital for the Stalinist regime.

Essentially last year Garcia took Babalu to task for simply quoting him, and linking the quotes. Well, we're doing it again. Perhaps Garcia is misquoting himself again?

Perhaps Garcia's declarations during his Larry King interview shed further light on the issue?... (He goes to some pains to properly qualify the answers to King, but the essential embargo point remains to the extent that King made it a Tweet.)

H/T our friends Charlie Bravo and Zoe Valdes

As usual in these matters, folks will interpret Garcia's convoluted (and often contradictory) words to their liking. I simply point out that on top of King's tweets, his producers saw fit to also summarize and caption the lengthy interview with the anti-embargo message:


12 comments to Andy Garcia channels Sweig, Peters and Lopez-Levy on embargo (we report, you decide)

  • Gallardo


    Since the fall of the USSR Castro has done business with the entire capitalistic world. Has that ever changed the anti-capitalistic rhetoric, has that ever changed the oppression, the economic restrictions? Does anyone in Cuba care about who Castro blames?

    No, all it did was prolong the Stalinist tyranny into a post-soviet profit machine.

  • asombra

    AG is entitled to his opinion, which is no more important or significant than mine or any other Cuban's, and carries absolutely ZERO extra weight due to his celebrity status (which applies to any political opinion held by any celebrity). He does not represent anybody but himself and should not be seen or treated otherwise, though of course he will be by those whose agenda his opinion supports. I assume he's aware that the majority of dissidents/opposition figures in Cuba are against lifting the embargo, and if he's not aware he should be, especially if he's going to go on national TV to address the topic. However, his reasoning (as quoted in the gray box above) is exceedingly dubious, not to say hogwash. If he believes that, one must seriously question his judgment or discernment, even if he has the best possible intentions. One must also remember the milieu in which he operates given his career, and how VERY polluted it is by leftist bias and prejudice, with the concomitant pressure to conform to the party line and the implied risk of opposing it. Lamentable, as they say.

  • Ricardo

    I wouldn't speak to that moron King. I think Andy is in favor of the embargo. But really, its just on paper-the "embargo".

  • The thing is, Garcia's argument is patently absurd. "Lift the embargo to prove what we all already know."

  • asombra

    Precisely, Val. Even a well-intentioned fool is still a fool.

  • Let's see: Babalu blog spends over half its brainpower and bandwidth exposing anti-embargo nonsense. But according to my hate-mail lately we're supposed to give SOME anti-embargo proponents a pass. Why? Best I can follow the logic, this exception applies when a proponent is: "cute!".......LE ZZZUMBA!

  • asombra

    Generally speaking, most show biz celebrities are really not suited to get publicly involved in political issues, which obviously doesn't stop them (and certainly doesn't stop those who want to use them to further their own agenda). Frankly, as Val noted, AG's reasoning is essentially embarrassing.

  • It's embarrassing to folks informed on the issue, Asombra. But as i'm sure you've noticed, it's probably the most popular for trying to sway Middle Americans with little interest in the issue.

  • asombra

    That's the most damning part, Humberto, that he's using the official argument peddled by the usual suspects.

  • Exactly--and for some reason it's also the Yoani Sanchez line.

  • asombra

    If YS can fraternize, apparently comfortably, with Che hagiographer Jon Lee Anderson, well, what can I say? If, by her own account, her mother was a "miliciana," can she possibly have escaped castronoid contamination while growing up? Remember when she expressed sympathy or at least pity for deposed Castro lackey and classic apparatchik Carlos Lage? Obviously, her perspective, to which she is entitled, is hardly irreproachable. And yes, I know she's "on the ground" and we're not, technically--but so is Mariela Castro.