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Cuban slave doctors reap huge profits for Castro Kingdom

It looks as if the giant slave plantation that goes by the name of Cuba is reaping huge profits from its slave-doctors-for-export program.

In the past few days, several news stories on this program have been published.  This can be attributed to the small increase in allowances that the Castro slave plantation is granting their medical slaves.

As usual, the "journalists" assigned to cover Castrogonia have picked up this deceptively positive "news" from Granma and passed it along to the rest of the world.  Their objective, as well as that of the Castro regime, is to make the world believe that Raul Castro is a reformer, and that everything is improving in his benevolent altruistic kingdom.

In the meantime, the slaves abroad are still working to enrich no one else but their Lord and Master in Havana.  And the most fiendishly clever part of this ruse is that this exporting of slaves comes off looking like a charitable venture.

From Bloomberg:

Castro Kingdom Forecasts $8.2 Billion From Doctors Abroad This Year

Cuba’s government forecasts it will receive $8.2 billion from sending doctors and nurses abroad this year as it announced plans to raise salaries for medical personnel on the Caribbean island.

The revenue from workers abroad, paid by the countries hosting them, accounts for about 64 percent of Cuba’s service industry, according to a report today in state-controlled newspaper Granma. The communist country’s gross domestic product was about $68 billion in 2011, according to World Bank.

The salary increases will affect about 440,000 health-care workers. Wages for general physicians will more than double to about $44 a month, while surgeons and specialists are set to receive the biggest raises, the story said. Health workers sent to Venezuela will have their salaries doubled.

Cuba has sent health-care workers to countries ranging from Venezuela to Brazil to generate cash and spread what it regards as the social achievements of the Castro brothers’ 1959 revolution. The biggest contingent, some 30,000, are currently deployed in Venezuela as part of an oil-for-doctors agreement hatched by the late President Hugo Chavez, while about 7,400 Cuban doctors and nurses are under contract to work in Brazil.

A Cuban doctor working in Brazil last month took refuge in the offices of an opposition party member in Brasilia, saying her government was taking an unfair share of her pay.

She was contracted under the Brazilian government’s More Doctors program, which pays foreign physicians 10,000 reais ($4,300) a month to work in under-served areas of the country. The doctor received $400 per month in Brazil and $600 per month in a Cuban account from her government, according to a copy of her contract with a Havana-based company representing the Cuban Health Ministry.

The salary increase in Cuba was made possible by a reduction of about 109,000 health-care workers from 2010-2013, Granma said, part of a plan by President Raul Castro to reduce government spending by reducing public sector jobs.

2 comments to Cuban slave doctors reap huge profits for Castro Kingdom

  • asombra

    It might take more spin, but if Castro, Inc. decided to rent out prostitutes to foreign countries, it would still get a pass somehow (if nothing else, it could be sold as proof of how desperate Cuba was because of the horrible US embargo, blah, blah, blah). For the umpteenth time: the game is rigged, and nobody's being fooled except those who are idiots, lazily indifferent, or want to be fooled. It's just that there's SO much bad faith, willful blindness and corruption out there that it sometimes SEEMS that people are ignorant, clueless or just don't get it. The real problem is that either they don't want to get it or simply don't give a shit (and when people don't much care either way, it's a lot easier to go with the flow).

  • asombra

    And btw, given this situation, becoming a doctor in Cuba is now a pro-regime act.