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Venezuela: Cuba-backed dictatorship arrests three generals in connection with alleged coup plot

It may be one of the first signs of Venezuela's military leadership finally attempting to remove the yoke of Cuban tyranny from their necks, or it could be just another Cuban propaganda ploy to divert attention away from them while slandering the opposition. We may never know.

Via AFP in Yahoo News:

Venezuela arrests three generals for alleged coup plot

Members of the National Police look at anti-government activists during a protest against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, in Caracas, on March 20, 2014

Caracas (AFP) - Three Venezuelan air force generals accused of plotting a coup against the leftist government of President Nicolas Maduro were arrested, amid a widening crackdown on the opposition.

The unidentified generals were in contact with opposition politicians and "were trying to get the Air Force to rise up against the legitimately elected government," Maduro told a meeting of South American foreign ministers.

"This group that was captured has direct links with sectors of the opposition and they were saying that this week was the decisive week," Maduro said.

The stunning disclosure -- the first known significant threat from within Maduro's government -- comes amid a growing crackdown on the president's opponents after more than six weeks of street protests that have left at least 34 dead.

In a further blow to the opposition, the mayor of the town of San Cristobal where the protests started was sentenced to a year in prison. Daniel Ceballos was convicted of failing to prevent violence and the blockading of streets.

He was the second mayor convicted and sentenced, and quickly. Enzo Scarano, mayor of San Diego in the north, was arrested, tried and sentenced to 10 months in prison. It all happened in a matter of hours last week.

An opposition leader, Leopoldo Lopez, has been detained since last month and is awaiting trial. He is accused of instigating violence against the government.

Continue reading HERE.

1 comment to Venezuela: Cuba-backed dictatorship arrests three generals in connection with alleged coup plot

  • La Conchita

    We 'should' be able to know. According to the Wall Street Journal:

    "The president didn't name the generals nor did he offer details about their plot or capture. (Note - Venezuelan media is reporting tonight that the three generals are: Brigadier General Carlos Alberto Millán Yaguaracuto, Air Force Brigadier General José Daniel Machillanda Díaz and Air Force Brigadier General Oswaldo Hernández Sánchez)"

    So, if anyone knows their families, hopefully this can be confirmed.