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Meanwhile, in the Old World, Socialists get trounced

Francois Hollande

Francois Hollande, canard émasculé

Could this be a foreshadowing of the November 2014 midterm elections in the USA?

It looks as if a good number of French voters have woken up to the fact that the Socialist party has been ruining their country.

Adieu to the leftists, bon jour to the right.  The losses in local elections were so extreme that French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and his entire cabinet resigned.  The new prime minister will be Interior Minister Manuel Valls, an anti-immigration advocate.  It will be up to him to select new right-leaning ministers for his cabinet.

Manuel Valls

Manuel Valls, top French rightist Lateeen-oh

Although the French have no equivalent for the American concept of a "lame duck" president, perhaps it would be appropriate to call Socialist President Francois Hollande a canard émasculé.  

An interesting footnote to this election:  France now has two Lateeen-ohs in top posts.  Prime Minister Valls is Spanish, and so is Anne Hidalgo, the new mayor of Paris.

Anne Hidalgo

Anne Hidalgo, top French leftist Lateeeen-ah

But... oh...mon Dieu....what a problem for the French and for the American news media:  Valls is a right-winger while Hidalgo is a left-winger (one of the few to win in this election).  How can this be?  Aren't all Lateeeen-ohs everywhere --as "people of colour"---  supposed to be the same?

Will Lateeen-ohs in the former colonies of Latrine America ditch socialism too?  Don't count on it.

From The Economist:

Devastating Losses for French Socialists

A CRUSHING defeat at French local elections has intensified pressure on François Hollande to reshuffle his government. At a second round of voting on March 30th, Mr Hollande’s Socialist Party lost over 150 towns, most of them to the opposition centre-right. This morning, the French president was holed up at the Elysée, the presidential palace, consulting close advisers over reshuffle plans, which could be announced as early as today.

The Socialist losses were devastating. Although, as expected, the party hung on to Paris, where Anne Hidalgo becomes the capital’s first female mayor, the rest of the country snubbed the ruling party. Among the more dramatic losses were Toulouse, a city in the south-west that it had thought was safe, Roubaix and Tourcoing, two industrial cities in the north with a deep left-wing heritage, and a string of other cities, including Amiens, Caen, Tours, Reims and Limoges, held by the left since 1912. Even some towns in the Paris region, which had been governed by Communist Party since the second world war, such as Villejuif, swung to the right.

The centre-right UMP was the primary beneficiary of this disillusion, and of a high abstention rate. Overall, the second-round result gave the combined mainstream right 46% of the vote, compared with 40% for the Socialists, Greens and other left-wing parties. This translates into 572 mayors for the right in towns of a population over 10,000, to 349 for the left, reversing the outcome in 2008. Jean-François Copé, the delighted head of the centre-right UMP party, called the result a “blue wave”.

The other second-round victor was Marine Le Pen’s populist National Front. To add to Hénin-Beaumont, a town that her party already won outright in a first-round vote on March 24rd, she picked up ten others. They include Fréjus and Béziers in the south, a string of smaller towns, and an arrondissement of Marseilles that represents fully 150,000 people.

Continue reading HERE.

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