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Another day, another insensitive buffoon

Peter Crowley

Yeah.  Here we go again.

Another stunt exquisitely designed to mock and torment the Cuban people, especially those tens of thousands whose relatives have perished while trying to escape from Castrogonia in flimsy vessels.

These moronic attempts to cross the Florida Straits are becoming so frequent that it's not at all unreasonable to suspect that the Ministry of Taunts in Havana is behind them.  The sentiments expressed by the morons who pull these stunts are all too strikingly similar not to come straight from some Ministry down there: "this is an act of love between the Cuban and American people, blah, blah, blah."

This time it's a blind man.  Next time it will be a quadriplegic on a breath-powered floating wheelchair.  Or, how about an entire kindergarten class on a raft built of popsicle sticks?  And why not go all the way?  Why not shackle ten thousand Cubans of all ages to inner tubes, set them adrift on the Gulf Stream and see where the current takes them?   Sort of like those rubber duck races that are annual events in some river towns?  Such an event could be a huge charity fund-raiser for worthy causes.

Or, better yet, since all of these events express a deep loathing for Cubans--despite all the "love" talk --why not sponsor a Drown-a-Cuban event?  Or a Chomp-a-Cuban event in which Cuban children are fed to sharks?

From Fox News:

Blind Man Attempts to paddle his kayak from Castrogonia to Florida

The American Peter Crowley paddled his kayak out to sea from the Ernest Hemingway International Nautical Club, west of Havana, intent on crossing the Florida Straits.

On the crossing, Crowley, who has such poor eyesight that he is legally blind, is accompanied by his son Peter Jr. and a support vessel.

Before setting out Friday from the dock at the Havana club, Crowley, 56, told local media that he hopes his effort will be taken as "a message of peace, love and union between the peoples of Cuba and the United States."

In recent years, the adventure of crossing the Florida Straits has been a challenge that a number of athletes have longed to tackle, most of them long-distance swimmers including Diana Nyad, who in her fifth attempt achieved her goal after swimming 165.7 kilometers (110 miles) in 53 hours.

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