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  • asombra: That “general” in the back at left is really too ugly to appear in public. What a TARUGO.

  • asombra: One of the main factors that convinced my mother she HAD to get her kids out of Castro’s Cuba was her horrified...

  • asombra: Not a problem. The system doesn’t actually need real teachers; what it MUST have is politically reliable minions to...

  • asombra: It will work the way it always has without exception: the way Castro, Inc. thinks will best suit Castro, Inc. in terms of gain...

  • CarlosM2000: The article above is not completely correct. The way it will work is that the state will sell all of the assets (furniture,...

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Cuba Remains on State Sponsor of Terrorism list ( investors NOT happy)


"Need we remind you that Herbert Matthews worked Pro-Bono?--And he got RESULTS! Shit man!...He had the U.S. State Dept. and CIA eating out of his hand!

And YOU ????????????????"


"Well..? Well..."It was YOU guys who sent over Fredo---OOPS! We mean Arturito Callejas to handle some of this stuff? So don't blame..."


"I'll do better next time, Tio! I promise!..."

sala33 alfy1

"Not so fast, amigos! Give us a little more time..We'll do better next time. We promise. We're setting up a new budget..."

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