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French socialists team up with Castrogonia to promote slavery and apartheid


Have you ever wondered what the business of slavery would be like in our day and age if the buying and selling of human beings were still legal?

Or, what if South Africa's apartheid laws were still in place and no one in the world found them reprehensible?

Look no further than the island nation formerly known as Cuba.

Holding fairs of all sorts is routine in the Castro Kingdom, and most of these fairs revolve around the cheap slave labor provided by Cuban workers, and also around the fact that foreigners enjoy rights, privileges, and amenities denied to 99 % of Cuban natives.

The latest such event is a tourism fair, which is being co-sponsored by the Socialist government of France.

So much for the principles of "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity."  As they did in centuries past, the French have a way of overlooking the rights of other people they consider inferior to themselves.

Does it matter to these socialists that the tourism industry in Castrogonia depends entirely on slave labor?  Bien sûr que non.  So did the plantations in Louisiana and Haiti.

Does it matter that the tourism industry in Castrogonia is a form of apartheid more insidious than that of the former republic of South Africa?  Of course not.  The natives are just like Rousseau's sauvages nobles and Aristotle's natural slaves.

Here's the logic:

Step 1: Socialism is the answer to all of humanity's ills.  France is socialist.  Castrogonia is socialist.  Nothing can therefore be wrong with Castrogonia's tourism racket, in which workers are paid a pittance and the Ministry of Tourism gets 99% of their salaries.

Step 2:  Some people are inherently inferior and destined by nature to serve the needs of their superiors.  Cubans are inferior.  Cubans are natural slaves.

Merci beaucoup, President Hollande.

Socialism is a beach!

Genuine socialism is a beach full of French tourists and Cuban whores !

From Fox News Lateeen-oh:

Castro Kingdom hosts tourism fair

Cuba on Tuesday kicked off its 2014 International Tourism Fair with the challenge of taking advantage of opportunities provided by the new Foreign Investment Law to increase the competitiveness of the sector that constitutes the island's second-largest source of income.

The event was inaugurated by Cuban Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero, French Secretary of State for Foreign Trade Fleur Pellerin and the general secretary of the World Tourism Organization, Taleb Rifai.

The fair comes a few weeks after the approval of a new foreign investment law that is designed to attract more foreign capital as Cuba strives to "update" its socialist system.

Continue reading HERE if you have the stomach for it.

1 comment to French socialists team up with Castrogonia to promote slavery and apartheid

  • asombra

    Don't forget Sarah Bernhardt called Cubans "indios con levita," or savages in civilized clothing. Very French.