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Heir to the throne of Castrogonia strikes yet another deal with Russia


The Prince and His Earth-Shaking Book

Setting up another Cuban Missile Crisis?

It looks as if Greater Putinia and Castrogonia have been very busy lately, reaffirming their commitment to each other.

Call it couples therapy, call it a second honeymoon, call it a love fest or a dynastic encounter, call it anything but good news.

Castrogonia and Putinia are now more committed than ever to aiding each other in case of any emergency.  The deal was just sealed in Moscow.

What the pact means, exactly, is anyone's guess.  The official news release offers no clues.  (Nuclear missiles on Cuban soil, perhaps?)

Do notice, please, that the "special spokesman" who represented Castrogonia at this recent summit meeting in Moscow was none other than Alejandro Castro Espin, nephew of King Emeritus Fidel, son of King Raul Castro and his late wife, Vilma Espin, Duchess of La Sierra Maestra.

The Castro-Espin marriage produced four offspring: three females (Mariela, Nilsa, and Deborah) and one male (Alejandro).

Prince Alejandro holds the rank of Colonel in his family's ruthless Ministry of the Interior.  In his younger days, he spent time in Angola with the army sent there by his uncle King Fidel,  far from the front lines-- as befits any potential heir to the throne -- but he nonetheless lost one eye in an accident.  Known as "el Tuerto" (the one-eyed), but better known as Mariela's brother, Alejandro has given many Cuba "experts" the impression that he has eclipsed all of Uncle Fidel's sons and stands to inherit throne, crown, and scepter.

He has authored one book, "El Imperio del Terror "(Empire of Terror), published in 2009.  No need to guess which empire is the subject of this definitive study.

His sister Mariela, Duchess of Las Tortilleras and Countess of Los Patos, is rumored to be writing a children's book, "El Arco Iris del Carajo" (Rainbow from Hell)

Guama profile: "Looks just like..."

Guama profile: "Looks just like..."

From The Voice of Russia:

Russia and Cuba intend to provide rapid response to security threat – Russia's Security Council

The Security Council of Russia and the Committee for National Security and Defence of Cuba signed a memorandum on cooperation in Moscow on Wednesday and agreed to set up a joint working group, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev said at a joint meeting.

Yesterday, a Cuban delegation headed by special spokesman for the chairman of the Council of Ministers and the State Council of Cuba Alejandro Castro Espin arrived in Moscow and had a meeting with the leaders of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

Patrushev said that the situation in the world is changing fast, so now Russia and Cuba will have an opportunity to respond to the events in a more rapid manner.

Castro Estin shared his Russian colleague’s view saying that Russia and Cuba need an instrument for responding to sensitive issues. The memorandum will help to determine priorities in cooperation for providing effective security for both our countries, Castro Espin said.

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai "Mr. Softee" Patrushev

1 comment to Heir to the throne of Castrogonia strikes yet another deal with Russia

  • asombra

    So Cuba went from a white-trash bastard to his equally illegitimate half-brother, Mr. Trifecta: faux Castro, faux general and faux president. Now it appears Cuba's headed for his one-eyed spawn, Triple-Faux II, who's a real colonel like Obama is a real jock. Eventually, there could be another "heir," maybe a hunchback, aka Quasicastro. Unless, of course, Mariela manages to supplant her brother and turn Cuba into the world's leading destination for sexual tourism, specializing in transvestites and transgendered, uh, persons. Vamos bien.