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North Korea appoints new ambassador to Castro Kingdom

Bon voyage, ambassador: remember my dogs are always hungry

Bon voyage, ambassador....and...remember: my dogs are always hungry

North Korea's new ambassador  to Castrogonia might be feeling a bit apprehensive about his appointment.

After all, his predecessor didn't exactly leave his post under the best of circumstances.

When his cache of hidden weapons on the cargo ship Chong Chon Gang was discovered, dictator Kim-Jong Un immediately recalled the ambassador back home to North Korea and then sentenced him to death.  The method of execution chosen by the jolly roly-poly dictator was as barbaric as they come: the ambassador was eaten alive by 120 starving dogs, alongside Kim -Jong Un's uncle and three other men accused of treason, as a crowd of 300 officials watched.  North Korean authorities affirmed that all five men were "completely consumed" by the dogs.

Though no one can foretell how this new ambassador will fare, one thing is certain: Castrogonia and North Korea will continue to hatch all sorts of plots and kill anyone who screws up the plans.

Mil gracias, Kim-Jong... this time I will send you two missiles under the next sugar shipment

Mil gracias, Chinito... y te doy dos mas...this time I will send you two missiles under the next sugar shipment, and two of my own dogs...por si acaso...

From NK News:

Five-month vacancy ends for top position at Havana embassy

The Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly – North Korea’s legislature – officially confirmed the appointment of Pak Chang Yul as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s new ambassador to the Republic of Cuba, the KCNA reported Saturday.

The DPRK-Cuba relationship is among the most important in Pyongyang’s foreign relations. North Korea and the Caribbean island nation are both pariah states subject to sanctions. They are both adversaries of the United States and both lost what had been their biggest benefactor with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War in 1991.

Like other pariah states – especially those few remaining bastions of communism – North Korea and Cuba see mutual benefit in maintaining good relations and cooperating to survive in the face of international opposition and sanctions. The DPRK embassy in Havana is critical in conducting arms deals and other illicit transactions between North Korea and Cuba, including the Chong Chon Gang incident.

More details HERE.

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