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United Nations bestows another great honor on Castro Kingdom


Charlton Heston as Captain George Taylor in "Planet of the Apes"

It's a madhouse, a maaadhouse!

First they award Castrogonia a seat in their Human Rights Council.

Now they award it the chairmanship of the World Health Organization.

What could be next at the United Nations?  Maybe Mariela Castro as Secretary General of this august organization?

No, wait.... not Mariela.... she lacks true Revolutionary credentials.   How about Smokin' Graciela the cigar lady instead?  After all, the Huffington Post has confirmed in a headline article that she "Is Truly Badass."  And to most tourists--perhaps also to the whole world-- she is the ultimate avatar of Revolutionary Cuba, the absolutely perfect icon of the Castro Dynasty's great achievements.


Way to go, world oligarchs... way to go....

Now, if you could just go ahead and elect Smokin' Graciela, we'll all be well on our way to Utopia...


From UN Watch:

UN Elects Cuba to Chair World Health Assembly Even as Cubans Lack Aspirin, Basic Health

Cuban media hails decision; UN Watch condemns "UN handing propaganda victory to a dictatorship"

GENEVA, May 19 – The Geneva-based human rights group UN Watch criticized the UN's election today of Cuba to chair the 67th World Health Assembly, with executive director Hillel Neuer saying the decision "wrongly hands a coveted propaganda victory to a dictatorship that imprisons journalists and brutalizes human rights defenders," and that it "enables Cuba to further perpetuate myths about a health system that is in fact crumbling, with desperate citizens reduced to asking tourists to bring them Aspirin and other basic medicines."

The consensus election today by 194 WHO member states chose the sole candidate, Cuban Health Minister Roberto Tomas Morales Ojeda.

Castrogonia's Health Minister Roberto Tomas Morales Ojeda

Castrogonia's Health Minister Roberto Tomas Morales Ojeda

"Why is the UN placing the world's health in the hands of a government that practices medical Apartheid, with privileged clinics for medical tourists, while its own impoverished citizens are denied Aspirin and other basic medicines, with public hospitals that deny their patients running water or working toilets?" asked Neuer.

State-sponsored media has already trumpeted the anticipated victory, saying "Cuba has been chosen in large part because of the results and impact of its health initiatives, within the country and internationally."

While the Cuban articles claimed the Castro regime has achieved numerous health milestones, experts and international observers say the health system is in disarray.

Much more HERE.

3 comments to United Nations bestows another great honor on Castro Kingdom