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Who’s Got His Head in the Sand?


The following article shows why Charlie Crist, who is challenging Governor Rick Scott in his re-election bid in Florida, can't be trusted. For Cuban-Americans, it would be treasonous to vote for Crist. Nevertheless, his flip-flopping stance on the Cuban embargo issue is illustrative of his lack of character, authenticity, and reliability on other issues.

Crist suggested that those who favor the embargo have their heads in the sand. Wrong! It is Crist who refuses to consider the human-rights abuses that are still going on in record numbers in Cuba. Crist is a prostitute for votes. On the other hand, some Republicans are prostitutes for profits.

Having said this, the embargo issue is not a Democratic/Republican thing. On the Democratic side, you have U.S. Senator Bill Nelson and U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (also chairwoman of the national Democratic Party) supporting the embargo. But, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce -- a major supporter of Republican candidates -- backs the lifting of the embargo.

When voting, Cuban-Americans will have to vote with their Cuban-American conscience. We have a lot to learn from Jewish Americans who never vote for politicians who compromise the state of Israel.

See article at

5 comments to Who’s Got His Head in the Sand?

  • antonio2009

    "Jewish Americans who never vote for politicians who compromise the state of Israel":
    Jewish vote for Obama in 2008: 74%, in 2012: 70%

  • Jorge Ponce

    President Obama's recent aid requests for Israel were $2.994 billion for 2011 and $3.075 billion for 2012. His request for 2013 is $3.1 billion. Most of that is for military aid, which indicates Obama's commitment to Israeli security.

    The National Jewish Democratic Council said "The requested amount is not just the largest assistance request for Israel ever, it is the largest foreign assistance request ever in U.S. history."

  • antonio2009

    Regarding military aid for Israel, it doesn't matter who is in the White House. The Israeli lobby on Capitol Hill is so strong that Congress refused to condemn Israel in 1967 when an Israeli warplane provided by the U.S., attacked the USS Liberty, killing 34 Americans and wounding another 174. The Johnson Administration did a cover-up and those responsible got away with murder.

  • George Moneo

    "...Jewish Americans who never vote for politicians who compromise the state of Israel."


  • asombra

    Crist should give Ricky Martin a call. To sing for him, you understand. And I'm sorry, but that tan is disgusting. It absolutely screams shallow, affected and phony. Even for a politician, the guy is gross.