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King who told Hugo Chavez to “shut up” relinquishes his throne

"Porque no te callas?" (Why don't you shut up?)

"Porque no te callas?" (Why don't you shut up?)

The King of Spain has stepped down so his son Felipe can take his place.

Maybe Pope Benedict XVI set a new trend in motion?

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth hangs on to her symbolic throne in England and her son Charles twiddles his princely thumbs.

And... meanwhile... in Castrogonia.  King Emeritus Fidel and his brother King Raul keep their rear ends super-glued to their thrones, with no apparent heir to succeed them.

When the Grim Reaper finally gets to them, it's going to be a messy transition.  The throne they occupy is not the least bit symbolic.

This transfer of symbolic power will probably have no effect on Spain's cozy relationship with the Castro Kingdom, that land that can boast of having one of the world's few remaining absolute monarchies.

Prince+Felipe+Princess+Letizia+Visiting+Salamanca+BSUQFFD_cJDl (1)

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia

From the masters of understatement at the BBC:

King Juan Carlos of Spain Abdicates the Throne

King Juan Carlos said his son Prince Felipe would "open a new era of hope" for Spain

King Juan Carlos of Spain has announced his intention to abdicate, after nearly 40 years on the throne.

"A new generation must be at the forefront... younger people with new energies," the 76-year-old king said in a televised address.

His son, Crown Prince Felipe, 45, will take over the throne.

For much of his reign, Juan Carlos was seen as one of the world's most popular monarchs, but recently many Spaniards have lost confidence in him.

His reputation has been tarnished by a long-running corruption investigation into the business dealings of his daughter and her husband.

King Juan Carlos, 76, has had health problems in recent years.

Support for the king fell further when it was discovered he had been on a lavish elephant hunting trip to Botswana in April 2012, in the middle of Spain's financial crisis.

continue reading HERE.

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