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After flip-flop on Cuba policy, Charlie Crist’s poll numbers among Cuban Americans plummet

You have to hand it to Good-Time Charlie Crist, the Republican Independent Democrat candidate for Florida governor. He may not have a shred of decency or integrity and his moral compass is actually a rag tied to the tip of a post that points in whatever direction the wind is blowing, but he does have a great tan.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Charlie Crist's Numbers Plummet Among Cuban-Americans

Last month, a policy advocate at the New York-based Council of the Americas, which has zero experience in Florida politics, but is leading a lobbying effort to press the Obama Administration to bypass Congress and ease Cuba sanctions, wrote in Politico:

"Crist’s Cuba change of heart has cleverly repositioned him relative to Scott in a way that reflects broader demographic changes in the state beyond Cuban-Americans [...] As of early May, Crist still led in most statewide polls. How much that will change since his Cuba announcement remains to be seen. But it’s a fair bet that, despite Scott’s efforts to tar him as soft on the Castro regime, Crist will come out even at worst."

Wrong bet.

Survey USA has been tracking the Florida Governor's race for WFLA-TV Tampa.

Note this is not polling by Miami groups, or by Washington, D.C. or New York City foreign policy groups, with an agenda.

In Survey USA's April 14, 2014 poll, Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) led Charlie Crist (now D) by a 52%-46% margin among Cuban-Americans.

Since then, Crist has gone full-steam ahead with his newly-found Cuba policy of wanting to lift all sanctions, travel to the island, conduct business with the Castro regime (despite recognizing Cuba should remain a "sponsor-of-terrorism") and insult those who disagree with him.

How has this fared for Crist in the polling data?

In Survey USA's May 23, 2014 poll, current Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) now leads Charlie Crist (now D) by a 63%-30% margin among Cuban-Americans.

That's more than a 2-to-1 margin.

There may just be another flip-flop in Crist's near future.

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