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Cuba’s apartheid Castro dictatorship endorses U.S. lobbyists working to remove sanctions

Dear "Cuba Experts":

So... tell us again how Cuba's criminal Castro regime that oppresses with complete impunity wants the U.S. embargo to remain so they have someone to blame for their economic failures. Please, if you would be so kind, elucidate for us exactly how the Castro crime family is deathly afraid of the U.S. removing sanctions and the subsequent pouring of billions of American taxpayer dollars into their bank accounts.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Castro Regime Endorses Lobbying Efforts to Ease Sanctions

During an event today for the release of three Cuban spies imprisoned in the United States, the head of Castro's Interests Section in Washington, Jose Ramon Cabañas, endorsed efforts by the Council of the Americas and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to unilaterally ease sanctions.

"There is no relationship between what U.S. society does, feels and says, it does not reflect on what the authorities are doing," he told EFE.

Cabañas lauded Raul Castro's economic "reforms" and added that "the (U.S.) government should reflect that interest of the will of civil society," referring to efforts by these U.S.-based groups to ease sanctions.

(Note how the Castro regime has already thwarted and adopted the term "civil society" to suit its purposes.)

Meanwhile, at a press conference in Miami last week, radical pro-Castro groups, including the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, ANSWER Coalition and the Maceito Brigades also celebrated the Council of the America's letter and other similar efforts.

According to The Miami Herald: "[ANSWER Coalition Executive Director Brian] Becker also noted that recent weeks have seen a campaign urging President Barack Obama to improve relations with Havana that includes posters in Washington’s Metro system and a letter to the White House signed by 44 prominent personalities."

Needless to say, a hard-currency windfall, coupled with totalitarian control, international impunity and record-breaking repression is music to the Castro dictatorship's ears.

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